Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner

Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 19 - Randomness of the Universe

My favorite book is Illusions by Richard Bach.  Whenever I'm at a crossroad in my life, I refer to this sixty-minute-quick read and inevitably it picks me up from being blue or without a plan.  This non-fiction book gives insight into just how much power we do have over our thoughts that ultimately allow us to control our future if we try to harness this subliminal ability.  Through out this book there are quotes sprinkled within the text of the story.  The quotes are what keep me coming back and the two that I have memorized are: 1) You can teach best what you need to learn the most. and 2) You will know your family in the first ten minutes you meet than you will know your blood family in a lifetime.

For this reason I know that we meet our family members one at a time in different places at different times.  I imagine this is the way it is for my boyfriend Steve and a cadet he trained in the US Air Force Officer Training School named Kevin.  Steve recently completed his life-long goal of writing a book called It Beats Eatin' Lizards, Lessons Learned in Life and Leadership. Click here to order this book. In the book he tells short stories about himself and how the people and the events throughout his life  have taught him lessons about life and leadership.  Kevin is in one of his stories.  I won't give the story away but to this day Steve still talks about Kevin and how he did the right thing under the most uncertain of circumstances. Even though its been twenty-seven years since they have talked.  Kevin is a part of Steve's universal family.

Its been two years now since Steve has been able to find a job.  He was wrongfully unemployed and has patiently (and on some days impatiently) been waiting for his Top-Level Security clearance to come. He has a job but has been waiting to start it for six months because he is still waiting on this clearance.  He's a Retired USAF Major yet he can't convince the US Government that he's worthy of a quick reinstatement of his clearance.  I tell him all the time, there has to be a reason for this unusually long drought of job offers and the wait for his clearance.  Maybe it is because it allowed him to complete his PhD (after this semester, he is 4 credits and a thesis short of the title of Doctor). Maybe it is because he had time to concentrate and complete his book.  We will only know when the eyes are in the back of our head as this present becomes our past.

Yesterday the phone rang and I answered it while Steve was running errands.  The man on the other end  started to leave a message that went like this, "Hi, I'm not even sure if I'm calling the right number or if I'm trying to get a hold of ...or if this the right person but I'm looking for a Steve ....."  I picked up the phone and he continued and I KNEW who it was without having to ask him.  Just to verify I asked, "What is your name again?" He said, "Kevin."  I said, "I know who you are."  There was a bit of shock in his voice.  He said, "Excuse me Mam, but you said you know me? How do you know me?"  I explained that Steve wasn't here but I was sure that he would like to hear from him and gave him Steve's cell phone number.

Steve called me in about an hour and explained that Kevin had just called him.  He sounded so shocked.  I didn't realize the relevance as I thought Steve had sent an e-mail or "poked" Kevin on Facebook to let him know he had written about him in his new book.  The truth was Kevin just tracked Steve down to preside over his retirement ceremony.  He was retiring as a colonel and his last day was the day before yesterday. Now is this just two random events that occurred twenty-seven years later on the same day when neither knew where the other lived or their phone numbers?  The same day Steve signed off and sent the approval of his book to the publisher is the same day that Kevin who is in the book retired?  It's for you to decide but for me it confirms that its only randomness until you start to connect the dots.  The discovered patterns are the whispers that God sends and it is up to us to listen and hear them. 

Post Note: As good as this reunion was, we were told that Kevin's adult daughter has been missing for two years.  We pray for another reunion in Kevin's life between Kevin and and his daughter Nadia. You can visit his website at  The non-closure that comes from losing a child to the unknown is unbearable and I nor anyone can say anything that helps.  Kevin, Just like you did twenty-seven years ago I know you will persevere again under the most uncertain of circumstances with the same attitude you had then. Never give up.


For me, the only thing that makes any sense to this nonsense of missing children are two quotes. 1) I heard on Miracle Detectives in an interview with Rabbi Kula in response to why did God save some firefighters in 9/11 and not other firefighters. 

"The fact that it's hard for the firefighters who got saved to believe that their choice made all the difference indicates how moral they actually are. Because they know we make the best choices, the most moral choices, the most heroic choices we can make not because we're gonna be rewarded or punished but we do it because it's the right thing to do and the reward, whether in life or death, the reward is having done the right thing," says Kula.

2) Which is also a quote from Illusions paraphrased, "When you live by the highest you know, the outcome of the game doesn't matter.  However it comes out, it came out right."

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