Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner

Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner
Blue Ridge Smoky Mountains

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 26 - House Makeup

A friend of mine had gotten a Kindle e-reader and her co-worker told her she would rather have the Barnes & Noble e-reader called the Book Nook because it showed the pages in color. I thought that was funny because unless you have kids under nine or are a kid under nine why would you need color pages? The pages of most books are black ink on white paper. Nothing fancy, just plain reading for grown folks.

Not that there's anything wrong with color. Lord knows as a white person I do my share of tanning and try to not look so pale. In fact there's plenty right with color. Did you ever notice that when you feel bad or down if you take a shower and (if you're female) put on some make-up, it makes you feel better. The sames goes for any room. If you put a little color on the walls, the whole mood of the room changes. It's the right thing to do on a shoestring budget to make a room brighten up your life.

I call paint Make-up for Houses...and if you're going to add a little texture to the second coat of paint, you can really make a room look stunning. It ends up looking like a faux marble if you know what you're doing. For one room a can of semi-gloss Valspar Ultimate Premium paint is $25. Not bad to change a whole room. Currently we are having our bay window painted and the living room wall painted. I feel like the new bay window looks like a cafe in Italy. With all my grapes, it just seems to fit. Felipe said when he came from Brazil and saw my grapes in the kitchen he felt like he was in Italy in a bordeaux. If he could only see it now! I'll keep you posted on the wall in the living room when it's finished. But for right now I just want to sit at the table and read my books of black and white pages while applying my colorful make-up.

All that is necessary to paint well is to be sincere.~Maurice Denis

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