Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner

Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner
Blue Ridge Smoky Mountains

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 29 - Not a matter of IF, a matter of WREN

I think we all have this uncanny ability to see things coming before they happen to someone else simply because it's happened to us before.  Like the time my boys were playing with a Nerf football (harmless enough in and of itself) inside the house.  Yup you guessed it, they broke the lamp.  I've always told my kids, tell the truth and tell me about it WHEN it happens.  First this eliminates the inevitable wrath of my fury that will come upon them when I do find out if they don't tell me when it happens. And second, it's the right thing to do.

They know that if they tell me I know what I'm dealing with and usually to their surprise they find out, I'm not about getting angry, I'm about how can we prevent this from happening again.  My boys told me and they didn't play football in the house again.  I glued the lamp and it was fine.  I've moved countless glasses filled with ice tea or other liquids near the computer keyboard, moved the big shop vac from the middle of the garage floor (OSHA would have shut us down for this hazard and if not OSHA then the fire inspector for sure!), and told my boyfriend about staying with the grill while cooking the chicken with skin on it. It always leaks the grease and the chicken can burn if you don't stay and watch it closely.  So speaking of fire inspectors...we almost had to call them because my boyfriend being the multi-tasker that he is didn't heed my advice.  He was positive that he could do some other quick task instead of watching the chicken.  You guessed it.  The chicken not only burned, the fire went out the back of the grill and smoke streaks stand on the wall as reminders of "the event".

I don't feel good about saying, "I told you so." But time and time again, my cautions are ignored and it's only until the red stop light and siren comes on do the receivers listen.  In this case we're lucky that the red fire trucks didn't show up!  Isn't that the way it always happens?  We hear others but don't listen.  And sometimes when it happens to us, we don't remember their words of caution.  The best lesson for me is NEVER COOK WITHOUT A TIMER.  I've come to realize I can't do it without a timer anymore. I've burnt lasagna, pizza, and things you didn't think you could burn like pampered chef ovenware!

Yesterday I was going into the bedroom because I heard this scratching noise coming from somewhere in there.  I saw this shadow on the bed and heard the wings and yelled, "STEEEEEEEEEVE I TOLD YOU NOT TO LEAVE THE BACK DOOR OPEN BECAUSE THE WREN WOULD COME IN HERE AGAIN!" After ten minutes of trying to get her out and after she flew into the mirror and the windows, he caught her and set her on the table in the back yard.  It was a horrible experience because wrens always call to their partners and vice versa.  The male wren was calling and calling and there was no answer.  He eventually left thinking she had flown to some other place. She was exhausted and couldn't fly for a while, she was catching her breath.

In past posts I've told you the wrens are my favorite.  They have built numerous nests in the garage and had a nest in the front door on our Sunflower Wreath.  I wonder if this wren is one of the five babies that was born in the front door nest.  She was coming in the back door to return to her home on the front door?  Truth is they are just curious birds.  They look in every nook and cranny. Now that my boyfriend has had this similar experience, MAYBE he'll leave the door shut now or at minimum close the screen door.
I had already learned my lesson not only with the other wren, but the frog and the crow.  I kept hearing this pecking noise one day while doing my homework on the computer.  I came out and the 14" crow was pecking the jar of cat food that he likes to eat INSIDE THE HOUSE!  The door was left open (not me). Scared me.  So I always close the doors now.  I'm sure it's just as traumatizing for them as it was for me.  LOL LOL LOL! Why am I laughing?  I just realized I need to go shut the back door as I left it open for my dog when I sat down to write this blog!

It is a good divine that follows his own instructions.  ~William Shakespeare

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