Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner

Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner
Blue Ridge Smoky Mountains

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 43 - Two peas in a POD

Just what actually IS a pod?  Webster defines it as: Pod: b) a straight groove or channel in the barrel of an auger.  An auger is defined as: any of various tools or devices having a helical shaft or member that are used for boring holes (as in wood, soil, or ice) or moving loose material (as snow).  And an auger effect is based on an electron changing into something other than what it was before it encountered some sort of energy. So the summation I get from this definition is that a podcast should somehow have an effect on us as to make us better or somewhat changed after we listen to it.  

The day I started writing this blog was the day that after reading my chapter on technology, I set out to find out what a "blog" and a "podcast" were.  I kept hearing these terms, "blogging" and "podcasts" but I didn't quite understand either of them.  I got so excited about the expression of freedom that a "blog" allows that I started this blog and forgot about the podcast.  Later in the week while in my computer software class, I asked others.  They explained I could go on iTunes and look up different podcasts and download them onto my iPod. Once you have downloaded the series, anytime you plug the iPod into your computer to recharge, the iTunes automatically downloads the weekly podcast [like broadcast] into your iPod. You can also just listen directly in itunes to a podcast on your computer, one doesn't necessarily need an iPod to listen to a podcast.

Avatar for Smart People
Being a fan of NPR, I started in this area and stumbled upon a brand new podcast called SmartPeople.  The avatar [icon] for the podcast is a chimp, now I know I'm smarter than a chimp so I decided to check it out.  What I found were two young adults Chris Stemp and Jon Rojas who were out of a job and currently trying to do the right thing by educating themselves while simultaneously allowing us to listen as they learned.  After listening to the first podcast where they interview a different person who specializes in their field, the auger effect naturally occurs.  We are changed from the energy of the podcast into something different than what we were before we listened to it.

I wrote a review about SmartPeople and in it I described it being like my first love.  I'm infatuated by it.  I may move on to bigger and better podcasts or I may grow old with it, the future holds the answers.  But like the James Taylor song begins...."The secret of life is sharing the passage of time." 
Right now, Smart People Podcast and I are enjoying the secret of life.  Chris and Jon really enjoy hearing from their listeners and if there has been an auger effect on their listeners. These two people are doing the right thing for them, venturing out, trying something new, in a different medium they were unfamiliar with and now succeeding in. Inspiring us along the way. With this new confidence, not one pea is born, but two or more are growing in the pod with them.  We gain confidence too by just knowing more than we did or feeling different than we did before we listened to it.  Like the pod of an auger...moving loose material in our brains or at minimum boring a hole. What we fill the hole with after that is left up to us.

To listen on the internet first before subscribing try it online at: SmartPeoplePodcast Click Here

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