Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner

Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner
Blue Ridge Smoky Mountains

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 55 - Knitting a Battery

Did you ever think these two words would be in a sentence? Knitting and Battery?  Yes with the newest technology it is true they go together.  Instead of Grandma knitting a sweater the sweater will be made by a solar manufacturer. It will contain powder that acts a conductor of electricity converted from solar power.  So for all you iPod listeners or cell phone users out there, you can plug it into your pocket and recharge as you are listening outdoors wearing your sweater. Oh and guess what, not only does it recharge using solar power it is waterproof too!  Dr. Baughman is from the University of Texas's Nano Tech Institute and he explains it like this:

Fabric made of the Nanotubes
"We use - for example, to make superconducting yarns, we use a mixture of magnesium and boron in order to make the superconductor. The fundamental approach, however, is that we take webs of carbon nanotubes. These are little cylinders of carbon. These webs are an unusual state of matter in the sense that they can be lighter than air but still stronger than - on a per-weight basis, than steel.
We take these carbon nanotube webs and overlay them with powders of the guest material so that we make a yarn eventually that is 95 percent, or even more, of powder." Click here NPR interview

Single Strand of Nano-fiber
The right thing to do is to invest in these technologies and become a forerunner in technology and innovation again.  A US Air Force General was fired at the beginning of the Iraq war for stating that we didn't need to send our men and women into this war as the Air Force has enough technology to do this fighting with pinpoint precision from the air.  He did the right thing and was discharged.  He isn't alone, there are many more of us out here like him who know this to be true.

Fiber is waterproof holds droplets 50,000x its weight
Currently the US Air Force wants lighter vehicles and asked Dr. Baughman for some help.  He says they are working on smaller yarn-like fibers that will go into the fenders of cars that are lightweight but act as batteries.  The future is not far away.  The Jetsons may soon be here.  A 2-person pod made of lightweight that jets through the air self-charging in the sun.  Can you believe it?  Star Trek was way ahead of its time too.  They had tablets before iPads over thirty years ago.  If you watch Star Trek today you can see inventions we are working on now.  Rodenberry and his infinite wisdom!

I was thinking about crocheting something during the summer when school is out.  I just haven't decided if I want to embroidery, knit or crochet something. I just wonder if I knit with this new yarn and form it into an outlet, if I can then plug the lamp into this knitted outlet to shed some light on the whole process?  You laugh, but I may be on to own Star Trek-Jetsons moment twenty years ahead of its time.

I can't stand humans cry it makes my diodes all gooey.
George Jetson: Nobody could dial a breakfast like mother
-George Jetson
Judy: Hey nice clothes, Elroy. Designer diapers.
-Judy Jetson
Judy Jetson: I'm in love.
Rosie: Again?
-Judy Jetson- Rosie
I hope you get ulcers in your cyclotron.
-George Jetson
Yum, it's been lightyears since you programmed synthetic brownies.
Daddy, if you dance like that in front of my friends I have to go live in another galaxy. Oh daddy, your dancing went out with pop-up fuels it is practically 20th century
-Judy Jetson

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