Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner

Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner
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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 71 - Not One Shoe, Two Shoes, Three Shoes, but Four

At what point does one person have too many pairs of shoes?  This is the eternal question and the reason why some celebrities have closets built just for shoes. I don't know if it's coincidence but both my mother and my boyfriend need one of those closets.  I asked both of them why when they go out to shop that even if they don't buy anything else, they buy another pair of shoes?  Knowing that we can only wear one pair of shoes at a time, I don't quite understand this ritual.  I know other people like this too and I've theorized that it came from their childhood.  Most the people who buy shoes upon shoes upon shoes, grew up with little and their shoes told their story.  I knew one "shoe person" who had to put a piece of cardboard inside his shoe to protect his feet from the holes in the bottom.  He avoided mudpuddles and luckily didn't live in an area that had snow often.

So this week we received a box that was addressed to a person we didn't know.  The address was our street but since we are the only one on the street, the mail man left it for us even though the house number was wrong.  We knew this was a big error as 1) the address on the package didn't exist and 2) we hadn't ordered any shoes from Lands End which were clearly the contents inside the box.  Well all I can say is THANK GOD THEY DIDN'T fit ANYONE in the house or we probably would have had another pair of shoes to add to the collection. 

In college I had received a package without a name on the outside of the box.  It contained a fabric purse that was considered vogue at the time.  I knew that by law I could keep it.  "If you receive unsolicited goods you are under no obligation to do anything. You can keep them, bin them, give them away. The company sending unsolicited goods cannot demand payment or these be returned." However if you receive a package that has another person's name on it, the right thing to do is 1) refuse the package or 2) call the company to have them come and pick it up.  I've heard of rare cases in which a person with the same name receives a package but it actually was the wrong address and they were allowed to keep it.  However once they were informed it was not theirs to keep, they have committed a misappropriation of goods and would have to be sued in civil court to be made to return them.  This is not worth the price of the item in the package most times.

Doing the right thing I called the customer service rep and she answered, "How can I help you?"  I replied, "Today the question is how can I help you?" and explained the situation. I told her if she could call the client and get the correct address, she probably lived in the neighborhood and I would deliver them to her myself.  When the CSR returned the call, she told me the address and it was not even close to my address.  It even had a different zip code.  I told her I couldn't do as I planned and she asked me to take them back to the Post Office and return them to Lands End.  After I hung up, I googled the address and zip code and found it actually was on my way to school that day so I changed my mind and decided to deliver them after all.

I plugged the address into my Onstar and away I went knowing how important a new pair of shoes are for a "shoe person" and hoping she would really appreciate my appreciation for her need for shoes.  I drove into her gated community and was met with the security guard's questions.  "She won't know me but can you call this person and tell her I have her shoes?  She will know who I am then." I explained.  He raised his right eyebrow and did as I asked.  He then tried to tell me the directions to her house to which I explained, "Got Onstar, I'm on the route now.  Thank you but no need."  And he let me through.  As I drove up into her driveway I noticed she had a license plate holder with the BYU letters on it.  She and I had something in common, we both were going to be glued to the TV tonight because Duke was playing at 9:45 PM EST after I got out of class and BYU was playing while I was in class.

I gave her the shoes and she let me know that the company was sending her another pair.  Her lucky day!!!! Another pair of shoes.  The irony is that I don't have many shoes and I need a new pair of sneakers.  And now she will have not one shoe, not two shoes, not three shoes, but four!

We do have something in common though, we both woke up this morning after our teams played in the tournament last night. We were a little sad as we put on our shoes.  We were in good company, the BYU and Duke men's basketball team were putting their shoes on this morning too with the same sadness.  That's the sad part of any "sport or game."  Someone has to lose and some one has to win.  I always joke with my friend who loves chocolate chip cookies and is an avid Illinois Men's Basketball fan.  I text him that the opposing team is going to buy him chocolate chip cookies to eat when he loses.  Today, Arizona is buying me the chocolate chip cookies.  Got any milk?

A vigorous temper is not altogether an evil. Men who are easy as an old shoe are generally of little worth.  ~Charles Spurgeon

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