Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner

Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner
Blue Ridge Smoky Mountains

Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 106 - Don't be Ever Afraid

Steve's Granddaughter, Peyton, is cute as pie.  She says things that sound cute too, like there really is a wise grown woman inside a tiny body of a little girl.  One night during just before Halloween, when the decorations on the streets in local small towns are made of haystacks, pumpkins, ghosts and gravestones, Peyton took her Grandfather for a walk.  They held hands and as the sundown approached and the darkness started to creep in, Peyton standing a very tall three foot looked UP at Steve and said, "Don't be EVER afraid!"  Priceless. Better than Mastercard! This has become family folklore now in our household.  When there is even an inkling of fear anywhere, we exclaim, "Don't be EVER afraid!"

I wish Peyton would have been with me one night when I was waiting for Steve to return home from officiating a high school game. I had just gotten home from officiating my games and was taking a shower.  I stepped out of the shower and seen an image looking at me though the thick coke-bottle style glass blocks that make up the bathroom window.  It was low in the bottom left corner so it appeared like someone was trying to see through this thick glass.  Naked, I ran past the window while I grabbed the towel and ran to close the garage door.  This door lead to the only unlocked door in the house.  I grabbed my cell phone dripping wet and hid in the closet.  I dialed Steve's cell phone in the dark with the light of the keypad. I whispered, "Steve, are you outside?" He answered confused, "Noooo, whhhhy?"  I told him I thought someone may be looking at me through the bathroom window on the outside of the house.  He said he was right around the corner and he'd be there in less than a minute.

I heard the garage door open with the automatic door opener from Steve's car, which puzzled me as that is the best way to scare off someone, let them know you're coming. He came inside first to get the baseball bat and when I had gotten dressed, I saw he had positioned the car so that the high beams were shining in that area of the yard near the bathroom window.  He came in and was smiling.  "Was it this?" he asked. He was holding up the sprinkler head of the garden hose!  Since the sprinkler head was red, it looked like a pink cheek through the thick block glass.  I felt like it was a face looking at me. He thought I was being ridiculous but truth was I was really scared.

The right thing to do is always have a baseball bat handy.  If he hadn't been there, I could have used it.  I had to kill a snake once that had slithered inside the house and had gotten underneath my five year old's backpack at 6 AM in the morning with a hoe.  I could surely beat the crap out of someone with a baseball bat at 9 PM at night naked if I had to!  Now that thought is really scary

The next night as I came into the bathroom I noticed something outside the window again!  I jumped back outside the darkness of the bathroom with a little scream. I reached my arm around the wall and turned on the light to see.  I remembered this technique from my childhood.  At the age of twelve I had a good friend who taught me not to be afraid of the dark, just turn on lights before you look, then see if you should be scared she would say. And you would not believe what I saw through the block glass again...another face!  A big 9x12 bright yellow piece of construction paper with a smiley face drawn on it.  I yelled, "Bastard!" really loud as I knew Steve had put this on the outside of  the window so that next time that I looked at the window I could say that there really WAS a face looking at me through the window.  I heard him laughing like Santa Claus.  Peyton, it's the Grandpas of the world we really need to be afraid of.  They all think this is EVER funny!

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