Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner

Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner
Blue Ridge Smoky Mountains

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 83 - The City of Metronox

Poetry is a good way to express feelings that are hard to articulate verbally.  The right thing to do is to start a journal during these hard times.  Write about anything.  A friend of mine wrote this short story thirty years ago and I just hate that it sits in the closet not being today I thought I'd share it with you.

"Let's write", the cow proclaimed.  "Let's be human again."  but he knew deep down, he was just a cow.  He  had sacrificed his humanity, long ago.  Still he tried, with much energy to write.  The cow was very unsure of his ability.  He realized it had been long since he last attempted to perform the obscure task. 

The City of Metronox

One day in the city of Metronox (the cow began his essay), I met a pig.  The pig and I became good friends.  The pig and cow shared their time together.  On another day in the city called Metronox (the cow continued his essay) as the cow  was riding along with the pig, in his fat-ride automobile, the cow and the pig got into an accident.  They lived. However, on impact, both the pig and cow had pieces of their hearts broken off.  They figured that their hearts were broken forever.  luckily though, pigs and cow s have the ability to grow hearts twice.  The process does take a long time.  And when their hearts did indeed grow back, the pig and cow were especially careful not to break it again.  They knew it wouldn't be able to grow back a third time.

One day in the city of Metronox ( the cow persisted), I met an angel.  The angel was very pretty.  The cow had never been touched by such beauty.   The cow gave his heart to the angel and was mad at himself after he had done it. Afraid she would break it. Only she took it, and guarded it with her very existence.  The cow, who had never known such love was joyous and shocked.  But then he was quite disturbed.  He then cursed himself at his forgetfulness, how foolish he had been.  He realized that he didn't have a heart to spare.  The cow was confused and did not know his own mind.

One day in the city of Metronox, (the cow concluded), the cow and the angel parted.  It was very sad, because at one time they were bound as one.  The bond had been broken and now they were separate beings.

One day in the city of Metronox, the cow and the angel parted.  And no one quite understood why.  Pondering all this, the cow laid down and silently shed a single tear, he loved the angel.

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