Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner

Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner
Blue Ridge Smoky Mountains

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 95 - Believing in The same Magic of Birthdays

Today is my birthday.  When I worked at the insurance company as an Assistant Manager I was given a present on my birthday that I absolutely fell in love with.  A co-worker bought it and said she was giving it to me because sometimes I was able to perform magic at producing things people didn't think I could on time! I think every woman should have one of these.  It is a Magic Wand that is pink with a star on the end. When you press the button the sound of a harp plays and synchronizes with the motion of the wand.  As you wave the wand in continuous motion, the harp continues to play and when you stop, the harp stops as if it is playing the end of a series of long chords signaled by a bell sound.  As if the magic was given the command to commence. *¸.•*"*•¦:-•*:•.-:¦:

On my birthday, I also wear a tiara.  The tiara comes out only two days of the entire year.  I wear it all day long wherever I go on my special day and on Mothers Day.  When  I was younger and more beautiful, people would hold open doors for me as I think they thought I was Ms Something.  I had to be Miss USA or Miss whatever to be wearing such a nice tiara. Now they just think I'm "special."  I'm only missing a sash to cross from my shoulder to the opposing hip to bear my title.

If I had a sash, It would say I Believe.  It is my mantra and motto of life.  I have this phrase all over my house, I have it on the front windshield of my car, and more importantly than displaying this saying, I live it.  Here are a few examples of what I mean.  This week I was riding on my bike and thinking, I really wish I could see a blue bird.  I look up and a blue bird flies to the telephone wire I'm approaching.  I've seen whippoorwills at night, white sea eagles, kestrels, and eagles this way.  As you know I waited for four years believing I would get hummingbirds as I faithfully put sugar water in the feeders that the ants and wasps drank.  This year we have not five hummingbirds but four pregnant females and three males.  Last year we put out Owl boxes and a bat house made to the exact specifications a bat needs.  And last night we had two new critters.  An Eastern Screech Owl and a Gray Rat Snake.  They each are so beautiful.  I believe that the owl will find a mate and we will have babies someday.  I'm so excited I can hardly stand it.

Steve and I were talking about how the birds this year hadn't chosen any of the twenty-nine bird houses we have in the yards all around our house.  (He thought we had only ten but when I counted them all the total was far beyond ten.) We thought that maybe we have too many in a small area.  But then the NEXT DAY, the chickadees returned to the bird house they used last year in the back yard and have laid two eggs.  The titmice have returned to the bird house in which they were born in the front yard and are building their nest now.  We have built a medium bird house for a Kestral and many of the houses are for blue birds.  I believe they will eventually find us and have to wait for them but they will come, I  have faith and I believe it.

On a different scale, I believed that I would get some pimiento cheese to make the newly discovered sandwiches I told you about from the Masters Golf Tournament of Augusta.  Yesterday I was just "given" a jar of pimiento cheese.  One week later!  On another occasion, I wanted a cabinet to cover the toilet but didn't have the money as a full-time student to buy it and as I told you in the White Elephant story, found a brand new one on garbage day.  On another occasion I had told Steve I want to put a fence on the corner of our property to plant the thousand morning-glory seeds I have taken from our vines.  The fence is merely a prop for the vines to wrap themselves around and thus we would have a corner on the property filled with morning glory vines singing to the heavens and praising our creator all day long. Two days ago, I found a brand new picket fence slat which was too large to fit comfortably in the trunk. I loaded it in the trunk and drove no faster than 10 mph with the four-way flasher lights on as I drove home praying it wouldn't fall out.   

Sometimes when we want something we need to just wait and send our wish out to the universe.  The right thing to do is open our eyes and seek it.  We are not given the wish to just come to us, we do have to do our part too.  Yard sales, garage sales, they always provide what I've wished for.  I've wished for a big fish bowl so I can put shells from the west coast ocean in it, found it in a week for 10 cents.  I've wished for a dresser for our guest room and found two! Bought them both for $10 each.  In California I wished for an elegant floor lamp and found one for $25 and a microwave we NEEDED for $30 that is still working twenty years later!  Felipe learned this and found an American Baseball bat for $5.  That was the one thing he wanted to buy to take back to Brazil.

It doesn't have to be tangible items.  I do this with my friends too.  I send the thought about them out and they call me.  I have received these wishes too and call them to hear, "We were just talking about  you. Or I was just thinking about you the other day."  Really it works.  And the more you believe it, the faster the results.  Parking spots open up, food is given to you, and more importantly faith in humanity is restored.  Its like magic. ¸.•*"*•¦:-•*¸.•*"*•¦:-•*:•.-:¦:

There is one person who performs magic daily that I know. She is my former mother-in-law, affectionately known as Mudder. Her magical way of listening and then providing a saying that comes from years of wisdom and pure love is par none. She has continued to love me despite her son's objections.  I received a phone call from her this week and she still calls me to just say, "Hi." She has supported my beliefs and accepts me for who I am.  She is the Ultimate Queen and for her seventieth birthday she was given a tiara to wear.  All eleven children turned out to celebrate her birthday along with the forty grandchildren and twenty-something great-grandchildren.  She creates magic every time I see her.  This year due to obvious reasons since the divorce, the in-laws haven't invited me to celebrate her eightieth birthday!  So I'm sending her a birthday gift in the mail.  It is a magic wand that plays Somewhere Over the Rainbow while you wave it and press the button.  She and the sister-in-laws would fight over my wand when we gathered at her seventieth birthday, I know they will do the same this time with her very own wand.

I can't be there physically for her birthday, but I believe I'll be there in spirit. Hopefully every time Mudder waves her wand, the wand will just add to the magic of the moment.   I think that after raising her four younger brother and sisters while simultaneously raising her eleven children that she should have a birthday party everyday!  It must feel special to have someone, ANYONE in your family do that for you.  I have never had a birthday party as an adult let alone a surprise party.  But I just know in my heart that someday my granddaughters (yet-to-be-born) will have one for me.  How do I know?.....Because I Believe it! ¸.•*"*•¦:-•*¸.•*"*•¦:-•*:•.-:¦:

BELIEVE ~All of our hopes and dreams are within reach if we believe.

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