Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner

Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner
Blue Ridge Smoky Mountains

Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 118 - Driving Behind Cars and Being In Front Others

Have you ever been held up from leaving or gotten behind a slow driver and been frustrated?  I'm sure we've all been in that situation.  As we continue on to our destination we then are stuck in severe traffic.  On the way to the Masters we were stuck in traffic for over an hour due to an accident that had occurred one mile ahead of where we stopped.  I always realize during these long waits of impatience that if I hadn't gotten behind the older driver with the feather foot or hadn't forgotten my phone and had to go back in to get it which put me late in the first place, it may have been ME in that accident.

But there are somethings that have happened to me that I have no idea why I'm in that place at that time other than to be there for someone else.  One time, coming out of the Walgreens on the way home from work having picked up some toilet paper we needed badly, a woman in her late 70's or early 80's was standing in shock outside with blood running from her arm.  I was concerned for her.  She didn't seem to know where she was.  I asked her to sit down and I would go tell the manager to call the police.  The store personnel came out and helped her.  She told the story about a woman who asked her for money and when she told her she didn't have any, the woman pulled a knife and cut her!  She was in good hands after that so I left wondering if she was scarred mentally forever by this event.

Another time on the way home, a came upon a man in his eighties laying on the sidewalk with his bifocals laying beside him off his face.  The right thing to do was to stop my car and offer help to this person. I stopped and got out of my car.  There was blood on the sidewalk and blood on the man's face.  He sat up.  He didn't even know he was bleeding until I went back to my car and got some tissue and started to wipe it from his head as it was getting ready to drip into his eye.  He explained that he was just walking and the sidewalk tripped him.  I looked at that part of the sidewalk and he was right, that sidewalk was so badly cracked it wasn't flat and a real danger. I told him he had a good case to sue the city for this.  He wanted to get up and walk and I could tell he wasn't ready for that.  I asked him where he lived and got his home number.  He told me his daughter was at his house.  I told him I would call her and get her to come and pick him up as it was only two blocks away.  His daughter came, thanked me and picked up her father.

I think that I'm there for a reason.  The very first time this happened to me was when I was seventeen.  I was on the school bus on the way to school and my sister was in the back of the bus.  I always sat in the front and she sat in the back. She talked with her friends and I talked with the school bus driver.  After we had been dropped off of the bus, someone came up to me and said, "BJ, did you know your sister was drinking on the bus?"  What?  "Yes, she had orange juice and vodka."  WHAT?  I thanked this student and followed my sister into the school.  She saw me coming and ran into the bathroom.  She went into a stall and wouldn't open it up. I crawled under the stall and got into the stall with her.  I said, " What are you doing? I know what you did on the bus, give me the bottle."  She fought with me and I grabbed it from her and poured the alcohol into the toilet and flushed it.  Immediately a teacher started pounding on the stall. There was no evidence left so the teacher couldn't do anything to my sister.  I had saved her from being kicked out of school for three days or more. I guess some other student had told a teacher what was happening in the girls bathroom.  It gave a new meaning to the words to the song, "Meet me in the ladies room."

My unwise fifteen-year-old sister was unlike the wiser/older people who I had helped.  The senior citizens appreciated what I had done for them.  My sister was pissed at me.  Unlike the woman who was attacked and the man who fell who were harmed by something or someone else, my sister was harming herself.  I was just being the same person in all three instances.  I was simply trying to help a bad situation.  My sister has never thanked me to this day for saving her from Mrs. Oppenheimer and proper punishment for her actions...called consequences.  Perhaps that is why she continued in a similar manner. When I left for college, she was in a car accident in which "she claimed" a deer had jumped out in front of her although there was no deer marks on the car and the deer couldn't be found.  She lost her two front teeth in that car accident.  Somehow I still believe but can't prove that she had been drunk driving. Ultimately the loss of her teeth which has caps on them today were her consequence. 

Thank God that nobody was in FRONT of my sister while she was driving that day.  Being behind a slow driver is better than being in front of an impaired driver any day.

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