Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner

Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner
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Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 127 - The Coffee Cups We Keep

You can tell quite a bit about people just by their collection of coffee cups in their cupboard.  What is it with us Americans as we always have waaayyy too many coffee cups.  We can only use one at a time, so the reality of having more than two or three is just overboard.  I tried to clean out my cupboard and between selling some at a yard sale and giving others away, Ifinally could close the doors without double stacking any of them anymore.  With both of us out of jobs, the ones we had at work were cluttering the "home" cups, so we had more than the normal amount.  Then my mother came to visit and gave me three more cups so we're back to the double stacking.

See the frog?
I have a Duke cup (of course) and a frog cup.  Steve bought this for me when we officiated together in Savannah.  He had never been to this wonderful town and he knew I liked frogs.  The frog is part of the handle and is cleverly made.  I love this one.  I have grape cups, lots of grape cups.  Steve keeps forgetting which ones he has bought me so I have two of the same grape cups.  (Maybe I should regift one of these. I could fill it with candy and wrap it in cellophane.  It would make a nice gift.)  Or if I wait long enough, maybe I'll end up with a "set" if you know what I mean.

One of my all time favorite cups which probably ended up at one of the jobs I left was given to me from a boyfriend Mark, in college. I don't have it any more unfortunately.  I was going off to do an internship in another city two hours away from my college.  This was the first of its kind at the college.  Twelve full-time credits and in our Communications Department this had never been done before.  I had to sublet my room out and leave my boyfriend.  I was given a cup by my boyfriend and we both weren't sure if our relationship would survive the internship distance. The cup had a woman leaving for work and a man, apparently her husband was standing at the door with a baby in one hand and a basket of laundry at his feet.  The saying said, "It used to be it was a man's world and a woman stayed at home.  They can kiss that shit goodbye."  I laughed about this as in the eighties this was a very forward thinking man who could buy this for his girlfriend.

That was an interesting time in my life.  I left for four months. I sublet my room out for the semester as I had four roommates and I had to keep  up my end of the rent in order to return.  I rented my room out to one of Mark's co-workers at Long John Silvers named Eileen.  The whole thing turned into this weird awkward return after four months in which she became one of my roommates by moving into a different room.  Everyone was walking on eggshells when I returned.  I could just "feel" it but didn't know what it was.  The only graduate student of us all, Jill, pulled me aside and told me that my boyfriend was now Eileen's boyfriend.  So while I was gone, my boyfriend made himself right at home in the same apartment, in the same room, just with a different girl.  Funny thing was I wasn't even mad.  The right thing to do was to be happy for them.  Everyone thought I would be insanely pissed off.  They ended up getting married and have two children.

The coffee cups are filled with stories not just coffee.  Each cup has a meaning or an event tied to it.  If your cups don't then they probably should be pitched and you need to find at least one that does.  They are in abundance at flea markets and yard sales.  I never have found a cup about officiating. Perhaps there is a market to be had in this.  Maybe one that had stripes would sell really well.  It could say, "It used to be it was a coach's world and everyone else did what they said.  They can kiss that shit goodbye!"

When I grow up, I want to be a Referee
I found some good ones. My favorite of course is the Girls Can't What?!!!!

My personal favorite!

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