Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner

Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner
Blue Ridge Smoky Mountains

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 140 - Utah Rocks - Window Pain

Mossy Cave - they were right, that's it
The first night at the Stone Canyon Inn, the couple from Rhode Island told us about Mossy Cave.  It was less than three miles away and on the way to Bryce Canyon.  So we decided to stop at Moss on the way to Bryce.  We were told to follow the signs to the cave and then because the cave wasn't much to look at, veer right and go to the waterfall.  It was a short .5 mile hike to the waterfall and a good way to start the morning.  So we did just this.  On the way we noticed a rock with a hole in it at the top of a peak.  When we got to the waterfall, we saw the hole from the other side. A window in the rock. What a beautiful rock. As the color of the sun hit it just right to make it look orangish, reddish, pinkish.....

On the way to the Waterfall

The Waterfall Beautiful!
As we climb to the Waterfall, this is the back of the rock with a natural window
Paria River ~ Very cold!!
This is a huge tree across the top, the photos don't show you how big this really is.
I had decided that I needed to climb UP to the hole in the rock.  I had to get over the phobia of getting my feet wet as crossing the stream was the only way for me to get to the other side.  There was a long tree log above the waterfall but one slip on this bad boy and I wasn't going to see any more light of day at all!  Every time I summoned the courage to cross and step into the water which was about two feet deep and cold, Steve would stay STOP! After the third time, he was starting to piss me off.  The right thing to do when someone finally makes up their mind to do something is to let them do it.  Imagine if right before he decides to jump out of the plane for his skydiving jump, I say, STOP! Let alone what if I had done it three times!

Look at how steep this slope is at its top! 
We both agreed that although we didn't have the right shoes and although we were going to get wet, to climb up and get these photos from a different perspective were going to be priceless.  One foot in front of the other.  It was a 45 degree slope and our heart beat was about 180 bpm.  It was scary up there and we probably ruined the photos for others who wanted to snap shots of this beautiful rock.  All I could say was I'm almost fifty years old and if you want to wait, wait.  If you don't, don't.  As soon as we got across and started climbing, we saw people walking up the Paria river to try to see where we had crossed.  Nobody else had the courage and as a result, the opening in the rock was ours to view.  We would have never gotten these photos if we hadn't summoned the courage.  As a result, you get to share the view from up there as we saw it...Enjoy!

The beginning ascent...

Halfway Up!

Catching our breath!


The air is fresh and view majestic!

Everyone elses photos had us in them!

Imagining how the Native Americans lived

This is actually a man-made part of Bryce that settlers carved to irrigate the farm land.  As a result, some of the hoodoos have been washed away.  This has been named Water Canyon as a result.  We were thankful for the view from the outside window. I was in pain later, but the joy the window without a pane provided made me forget about it.  No pain, no gain.  We gained a beautiful memory that day.  Its true that God really does have the best view as his perspective does not need the services of a window washer with windows like this.

For more info on Mossy Cave click here.

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