Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner

Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner
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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 145 - Utah Rocks! To be a Bee on Scenic Highway 12

Highway 12
I had read that Highway 12 was the most scenic highway in America, so this was on our list of things to do but trying to fit in everything was tough.  One of the ways we made this work was by making a wrong turn!  We wanted to get to the Willis Creek Trail of the Slot Canyons but we ended up going toward the Calf Creek Falls, as we drove we realized that it was too far for a 1/2 day trip.  It was 55 more miles after our wrong turn. So we decided to see part of highway 12 and ended up at the Visitors Center outside the Petrified Forest in Escalante.  What did we find?

 Collared Lizard Statue
A big giant Lizard.  The right thing to do is realize that there really are no Wrong turns in life if we can learn something from every turn we make.  Since Steve is an author of It Beats Eatin' Lizards, it was only fitting that this was a sign that we had not in fact made a wrong turn at all.  We took photos and headed back down toward Cannonville. 

Can't eat this lizard!

The Scenic Byway Signs
We were still curious about the "Beehive State" theme as we really didn't see very many honey sold along the roads like in Florida and the signs have the beehive emblem on them.  So when we got to Salt Lake City, and our Tour guide Ethan (and now friend) told us that the people of Utah worked together like bees.  Social bees that live in colonies that are organized, industrious and intelligent. They work diligently all summer in order to survive the long winters. They are clean and fastidious and social bees work to support the Queen.   Solitary bees are not social and do not live to support the Queen so I have summarized that the people of Utah chose the beehive as their symbol to represent the colonizing of hard-workers like solitary bees.  Going about their business of making nectar and minding their own bees wax!

So again I leave you with some photos and add to the list of B's that my son Brandon says that I'm all about...Basketball, Bird(z) and the Beez! The photos were taken of the State Capital in SLC and show how the beehive is incorporated into their architecture around the building and grounds.

Wilsons Garage - closed in Cannonville The sign reads Too Pooped to Pump

No bees, no honey; no work, no money ~ Proverbs

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