Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner

Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner
Blue Ridge Smoky Mountains

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 147 - Mammograms and Monograms

Ok so at a certain age we as women have to get our first mammogram.  For you guys, this consists of putting one mammory gland up on a cold flat surface only to have another flat surface from the top clamp down and squeeze flat.  Men are lucky, they wouldn't be able to hand a similar procedure involving their sack.  A sackogram to be squeezed flat as it is scanned.  The image of men even attempting to do this makes me laugh.

Its similar to a sewing machine foot coming down on the fabric to hold it in place in order to sew in the thread.  Sewing machines are for seamstresses which I had aspired to be one day.  I begged my husband daily for sixty days before Christmas for a sewing machine.  When the day came, I opened my gift and surprise....a sewing machine.  I couldn't get it to work.  I called my mother and my then mother-in-law who were the greatest seamstresses I knew.  I listened and went at it again for forty-eight hours I gave it my best shot and felt defeated.  I embarrassingly went to my husband at the time and humbly asked him to return it and get me a winter coat.  I haven't touched a sewing machine to this day.  But I can pay others to do what I need done now.

I really appreciate a good seamstress.  The good ones also seem to appreciate their work. Sewing is the right thing to do when you have young kids and can make clothes for a fraction of the price of a retail store. 

Holy Crap!
Having a hard time getting a gift for someone?  Especially the someone who has everything?  I've got the answer and its always the right thing to do. Its inexpensive and priceless at the same time.  What is it?  It is embroidering someone's name on an article that they use.  When our foreign exchange students were here, for Christmas we thought we would give them gifts that they could (and hopefully would) keep for the rest of their lives.  We had towels embroidered with their name and country's flag on them.  Young teens always have computers with them now so we had their names embroidered on a computer tote bag.  We had t-shirts monogrammed, and of course as a special momento we through a gag gift in too.  We had the company monogram a snowman on the last square on a roll of toilet paper with the words "Holy Crap!"  These make great gifts for Christmas to anyone.  The lady who owned the company made more of these and they sold like hotcakes!

There is something special about getting a gift with your name personalized on it.  Its not like you can throw it away or regift it.  You feel an automatic connection to it.  We actually had gotten the original idea from Felipe's grandmother who sent gifts with Felipe which he gave us upon his arrival here in the USA.  They were monogrammed towels too pretty to use. They have to be displayed due to their tassels on the end.  We were delighted to be given such a personal gift from our new international family. 

You can even take a photo to a monogrammer and they can turn that into a monogram.  Imagine having your grandchild's face on something you wear for all your friends to envy.  You can look at cups, hats, spa robes, etc. by clicking here and ordering something for your next giftee!

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