Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner

Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner
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Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 148 - Box Tops and Labels for Education

As I was driving home from night class the other night I was listening to a radio disc jockey on talk radio.  He asked the question about a person who has an $8,000,000 house and pays taxes that go to the local school districts but has no children.  Is it fair?  My first thought immediately was Hell yes!  We all contribute to the education of the children in our area.  The more educated they are, the more likely they will become productive citizens.  We all have that responsibility.  They grow up to feed us when we become senior citizens and need help ourselves.  To me that question was just ridiculous. 

How selfish have we all become when we don't somehow participate in the education of our children whether they are our blood children or our neighborhood's children?  There are other ways in addition to paying taxes, attending school board meetings to hold the board accountable for how they are spending these taxes and volunteering that we can help.  The easiest and in my opinion, one of the most important is the right thing to do.  Next time you go to recycle that soup can and peel off the label, don't throw it away.  Or next time you go to recycle the Cheerios box, cut a part of it off first. 

General Mills and Campbells Soup Box Tops and Labels for Education programs GIVE FREE supplies to schools K-12 in exchange for points accumulated from these UPC codes and Labels. If you throw away your cereal box or soup label, you are wasting a good opportunity for the children in your area.  General Mills gives cash to schools and in 2010 gave $60,000,000.  Campbells Soup supports labels from BIC, V-8, POST cereals, Swanson Meals, Spaghettios, Prego, etc. the school can earn points and shop online for products for their students in the areas of Art, Athletics, or Academics.  Things like paint brushes, soccer balls, computers, globes and of course my favorite a basketball.  A regular size basketball can be obtained for free for 1000 points.  Imagine if everyone in the neighborhood just saved these UPC codes and just dropped them or mailed them to their local schools.  Campbells even offers a mini-van for 1,600,000 points.  That's not alot of points if the entire community pitched in! A free van? With classes like physical education, art and music being cut due to lack of funding, this seems like a no-brainer. 

I remember the elementary school which my sons attended got a free balance-beam from this program.  How great is that for kids to learn gymnastics?  These companies even offer press releases for the schools to give the local newspapers.  Its all free for the taking but many people do not know about it. You're not paying $4 for a box of cereal for nothing...

Most people don't know but by allowing the cola companies to put their vending machines in the local high schools, the Athletic department got free clocks.  So all those basketball scoreboards we use to keep time, score and the foul count came free of charge from companies like Pepsi and Coca Cola.  The irony of filling athletes with soda in order to get gym equipment is beyond comprehension.  Now if only companies like Coca Cola which also bottles Dasani Water would sell this to the children and use their Powerade and Gatorade logos, it would seem to make more sense. 

In the meantime, please consider saving these and give them to your nearest school.  Your neighborhood children will be more likely to be an athlete and not walk through your yard if they are playing sports or staying after school to practice their musical instrument.  What would our life be like without sports to watch, music to listen to, art to look at or plays to go see?  It is not always about us, what about the children?

Click here to see what supplies your school can receive when it redeems points.

Common sense is very uncommon. ~Horace Greeley

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