Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner

Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner
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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 164 - Heaven Is For Real

I've met a new classmate recently who has "crossed over."  You know...seen heaven and was sent back to finish the original intended mission from Jesus and God. I also happened to get a book that I had on my waiting list for some time now on a website to which I belong, Paperback Swap.  The book is called Heaven is for Real.  This book tells a story from the father of Colton a three year old who crossed over.  The things that Colton describes happened to him after his encounter with Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit couldn't possibly be explained by a three year old unless this really happened to him. 

The book's website is URL  This website is the right thing to do when you want to save money and help the environment.  You can sign up, create an account and list ten books that you have just lying around the house that you would be willing to send to someone who wants to read it.  So if you have time on your hands, you create a wish list of the books you'd like to have and when it becomes available, the website prompts the lister to send it to you.  When you first list your ten books you get a credit of two.  So you get two books that you may have wanted to read within a week.  It even tells you your rank on the list.  So if you are 2 of 52, that means that you are second in line of a list of fifty-two people who wish to read this book.  You do have to pay the postage to send a book which is usually less than two dollars but overall it saves printing costs, trash and money.  It is a global library in a sense.

Since my classes are over and I have a break for the next eight weeks, I've set out to tackle my reading list.  It feels so good to read something that I WANT to read.  So I dove into Heaven is for Real and although it was a little slow reading for me, it did interest me.  There is one part of the book and Colton's story I just can't get out of my head.  In the year since his crossover, Colton tried to explain what Jesus looked like.  As his mother and father showed him photos of Jesus or illustrations, he'd explain that Jesus's hair was shorter than the image, or the eyes weren't right, or no he definitely didn't look like that! So after hundreds of attempts to find out what exactly Colton had seen and what Jesus looked like, the standard question when presenting Colton with a photo of Jesus to Colton became, "What is wrong with this photo?"

Colton's father was sent an e-mail by a parishioner of the church that he was the Pastor.  The parishioner told him of another child who at the age of five had crossed over.  She started painting at six and had painted a painting of Jesus.  Colton's father called Colton in to look at the painting and asked the standard question, "Colton, what's wrong with this painting?" Colton stared at the image on the computer screen and didn't move.  Silence.  Finally his father asked, what?  Colton replied, "Nothing, that is Jesus!"  The painter Akiane had the same image and was blessed with the gift of god to paint.  That is enough for me to know Heaven is for Real.

Click here to see Akiane's paintings, you are about to be astonished. Once you get to this page, click on any image and it will enlarge and you can scroll through the paintings that are grouped by her age when she painted them.  She paints with the same theme that Colton has, that God is love and loves us.  Colton's specific message is that Jesus really really loves all the children. When deciding on the name of this book, a few ideas were kicked around.  Colton's older sister suggested, He Came Back From Heaven But is No Angel with typical sibling rivalry.  When Colton was asked, he said, Heaven is For Real!  P.S. Akiane was born to Atheists.
Prince of Peace, artist Akiane Age 8

Open Door Age 16 Akiane Artist

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