Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner

Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner
Blue Ridge Smoky Mountains

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 167 - Waterfalls

There is just something about Waterfalls that make me feel at peace.  I don't know if its the sound of the running water or the freshness in the air or the memories of my childhood.  On Grandpa's land if we walked across from the front porch of the house, there was a stream.  Many times we would see crawfish and try to catch them but they were too fast for us.  We would walk up the stream and the first time we discovered that about 100 yards up there was a beautiful waterfall on the left that poured water into the stream after a good rain from the neighboring corn field.  The waterfall wasn't huge but it was made up of rocks and old tree roots that had grown together and were exposed to the open air by the erosion of the soil from the flowing water.

On days when it hadn't rain for some time, the waterfall would be smaller and we could climb up the tree roots to the top of the waterfall while the slow trickle of water could still be heard below us.  When we went to Zion, that was my specific goal.  After seeing nothing but rocks for three days, I just wanted to climb the to the upper emerald pool because it had a waterfall.  When I went to Yosemite, it was during the drought in 1993 so we weren't able to see its beauty.  A big let down for sure.  When we went to Moss Cave, it was the waterfall that intrigued us. When we went to Asheville and the Smoky Mountains, we drove both times to Transylvania county in North Carolina.  Home to over 260 waterfalls!  I'm going to post the photos of the waterfalls here and know that since I only have six weeks off from school I'm going to get back there and view some of the other ones.

Cove Creek Falls
As we complained every summer on the way to watch radio at Grandpas (they didn't have a tv), we'd ask the question "Are we there yet?" every thirty minutes or so.  The ride took four hours and for a young child, that was a long time.  We stayed for two weeks with Grandma and Grandpa. Grandpa would say, "Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!" but they would be standing on the front porch waving goodbye and laughing when we left. They were probably glad we were leaving by the fourteenth day as we were a handful. I miss the waterfalls, the sound of the trickling water and the view from the big window on grandpa's front porch.

For waterfalls anywhere you'd like to see in the world check out this website:

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