Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner

Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner
Blue Ridge Smoky Mountains

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 182 - Mayberry The Good Old Days

Aunt Bee, Opie Taylor and Andy Griffith.  When I say those three names, what comes to your mind?  Perhaps you can see Andy and Opie walking down the gravel road with their fishing poles on their shoulders.  Andy in his pressed slacks and Opie with his Levi Jeans and red hair.  And then you want to whistle the tune...Whowhowho Wahoowahooo, wahoo woo, who, who, WHO, whowho....This TV show reminds me of the times when things were good.  People didn't have to lock their doors.  People welcomed each other with pies and other food like a good neighbor should.  Boys went fishing and looking for worms and not trouble.

As I drove along the way, I wanted to stop in Mt. Airy NC.  I had just found out that this is the town that Mayberry in the Andy Griffith Show is bassed on.  Floyd's Barbershop and Ernie's Auto shop are here.  Pilot Mountain's name was changed to Mount Pilot.  There are about thirty different shops and places, like Elm Street that are exactly the same name in Mount Airy and two that have been slightly Modified like Nelsons Funeral Parlor.  Eddie Nelson actually worked at the local funeral parlor at the time. You can visit Andy's home where he was born and the real treat is to visit the Andy Griffith Museum where the trading cards are only $2!  The good ole days. Click here to see all the sites.

They have tours available in which they ride you around in the Police Squad Car showing you these places named in the show.  Floyd still cuts hair and has taken photos of everyone who comes in, including Oprah and Lou Ferrigno.  He has over 20,000 photos on his Wall of Fame. He does however still charge for the haircut.    I loved this little place for two reasons.  One because they have perserved its place in time and two because this area had just recently in the last two years added several wineries.  The map tells you of at least twenty wineries. An East coast Napa Valley if you will!  I only stopped at two of them.

Shelton Winery Vineyard

Shelton Winery, where Charlie Shelton, one of the two brothers that own it, came out and greated everyone personally.  I asked if this was normal, and they said, yes every day! I was pleasantly surprised when I drove down the grape rows that they had gone the EXTRA step and planted a rose bush on the end of every row and even a birdhouse was nailed to the last post of the first row!  I also visited Grassy Creek Winery which has an interesting story.  It was built on an old dairy farm.  The old barn is still there.  So their logo for their sweet wine is a Guernsey Cow.  They bottle their sweet wines to distinguish them from their other wines in milk bottles that have the Golden Guernsey Cow logo on them!  Wine from a milk jar!  The only thing that questioned their business commitment was the fact that they are only open Thursday - Saturday and by appointment only but just like everything else in the area, the old milk jars and business times reminded me of the good 'ole days!

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