Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner

Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner
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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 191 - Integrity of the Process Ensures Validity of the Argument

I'm one who loves Spy Movies and I think there is some truth about the power that any Government can impose on it's own people instead of the use of this same power to protect its people.  I get it.  I get that the American Government has secrets from its people and probably for good reason. Just like when military men and women enlist, they have to swear to secrecy and solemnly uphold these national secrets.  And I also admire Jesse Ventura for speaking out and opening people's eyes to the possibility that these things exist.

However recently I've come across a group of young men who listen to these conspiracy theories and aren't able to distinguish reality from their own reality.  My first disclaimer here is that I'm the most non-trusting individual I know when it comes to other authorities.  I've been shafted by them, lied to by them, and been left clueless due to the knowledge that they have held from me.  That being said, it is within my power on how to process this reality.  The scary part for me is when the facts are discussed with individuals that really believe EVERYTHING they hear from ONE source, and then don't verify with a cross check of references, they can't hold a conversation without walking out on you.  This is bothersome to me.

My son has told me about  A great real-time website that knew about the black hawk operation of the capture of Osama Bin Laden as it was happening.  Once you become a member, you can click on a story and if it is important, you click the up button, if it doesn't warrant attention, you click the story down so in essence, the audience controls the message unlike the American TV stations which have been blasting which stories they deem pertinent enough to broadcast.  With so many people in the world, and so many stories to tell, why is it that we have to be made to believe that there are only thirty pertinent stories of the day in which reporters converge upon and dig to uncover and report back to us.

It has become pain-stakenly obvious that the Republicans listen to Fox so they can hear what they want to hear and the Democrats only listen to MSNBC for the same reason.  This is why I frequently listen to NPR, Huffinton Post, BBC, and yes believe it or not Al Jazeera at times.  When the foreign exchange students come to America, they realize how much of a bubble Americans live in as the reports on the nightly news only talk about the stories in which WE are involved in.  If a tragedy occurs, we report on it only to feel good about our valiant efforts to go "save" the world when a Tsunami strikes or a an Earthquake, Nuclear Meltdown and Tsunami all strike in the same place, Japan anyone?

Recently we met a young man who ONLY reads his news from the internet:  They tell the future of a small group of financial and governmental powers who are creating a New World Order.  The Denver Airport has been rebuilt 50.3 miles away from the city of Denver and they conclude it is built above a labyrinth of tunnels that are being made so that these leaders can have a "safe haven" in 12-20, 2012 the day the Mayan Calendar ends.  An Apocalypse Bunker.  They show the signs in the airport of a man in a soldier uniform piercing a white dove on the ground (symbol of peace) with his sword.  The children are wearing gas masks.  A piece of art that taken without it's entirety is ghastly and scary.  A Deathly Hallows without Harry Potter to save us all! When taken in its entirety, there are lines drawn between items that are not logical.  Like the reference to the airport being built in the shape of a swastika.  The Aries Nation would laugh at how Americans draw swastikas...

click here to see the conspiracies debunked.

Then there is the 9/11 conspiracy that after the Twin Towers were attacked, Tower 7 fell on its own.  No plane, and some say it imploded floor by floor like each floor had been prepared to be imploded by experienced dynamite imploders. This then leads the conspiracists to believe that it is all a plan of the New World Order.  After all, Gore was almost president.  But due to this weird set of voting chaos in my State of Florida, if Gore won, Bush W couldn't carry out the New World Order's plans which are hatched at the Bohemian Grove and Bilderberg every year by all the elite such as Bush H, Bush W, Jeb Bush, Clinton, Colon Powell...etc.  Now Bohemian Grove is a weird place where white men meet every year who have alot of money and power.  They are paired off in groups according to their power, business, economics, etc.  I'm not sure what happens there but like frat boys returning for their homecoming I'm sure involves alot of sex (homo and heterosexual), booze and rituals of nonsense.

I do believe the Patriot Act is chipping away at our American Freedoms as Ben Franklin warned us about.  The right thing to do is to stand up against this impingement of our freedoms.  However when the conspiracists have a conversation, and we ask them to double check with or another site and how the importance of critical thinking is needed when processing this information, they are quick to dismiss us.  It becomes a generational issue instead of a rational issue.  How is this any different from brainwashing of suicide terrorists?  or Jehovah Witnesses? Or occults?

Listen, I'm all for non-trust of authority until proven worthy.  It is after all why our forefathers from England left that little island.  But mistrust, youth of mind and mental processing, combined with narcotics, alcohol and anger are a molotov cocktail  waiting to explode. If the person spouting the facts doesn't want to have a discussion about the art of critical thinking and comments, "I don't need to critically think." then the learning has stopped.  At that point brain washing is occurring.  Here are a list of critical thinking skills that come from the second step in the process of learning: Evaluating Thinking. God help us all, and AGAIN this is NOT a generational thing as I've encountered MANY people older than myself AND younger than myself across all racial and ethnic groups that have "lost their ability to think critically" or as Grandma used to say, lost their bonkers...

1. Is the question at issue clear and unbiased? does the expression of the question do justice to the complexity of the matter at issue?

2. Is the writer's purpose clear?

3. Does the writer clarify key concepts when necessary?

4. Does the writer cite relevant evidence, experiences, and/or information essential to the issue?

5. Does the writer show a sensitivity to what he or she is assuming or taking for granted? (Insofar as those assumptions might reasonably be questioned?)

6. Does the writer develop a definite line of reasoning, explaining well how he or she is arriving at his/her conclusions?

7. Does the writer show a sensitivity to alternative points of view or lines of reasoning?  Does he or she consider and respond to objections framed from other points of view?

8. Does the writer show a sensitivity to the implications and consequences of the position he or she has taken?

The intellectual standards that we have in our home are clarity, precision, accuracy, relevance, depth, breadth, logic and significance.  Once the dialogue has begun, we expect these standards and critical thinking skills to be in full force.  If one becomes frustrated with the rules of the game, the right thing to do is to continue to learn or state, "I don't know about that but I will get back to you on that one." and continue to learn not convince.  The truth does not need to be convinced no matter how far fetched it may seem.  However, as a basketball referee.....NEVER EVER take your ball and go home!  Quitters never win and Winners never quit.

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