Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner

Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner
Blue Ridge Smoky Mountains

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 196 - Momma Mia Itza Pizza

As if we didn't have enough on our plates, we're diving in head first again.  We are taking the plunge and welcoming another son into our home.  Gabriele Brentari from Italy is our new foreign exchange student coming from the mountains of Italy.   An avid snowboarder and skateboarder.  I'm excited to learn more about Italy and of his talents.  He is a creative young adult and knows how to paint and to make tie dye shirts.  This was on our  list of things to do with Jula and Felipe but it never happened because the order for the kit was canceled.  We had plan to get them in November when we were in Indiana and make them up there but the company somehow couldn't get them from Asia due to a trade issue.

I made a list of things we wanted to accomplish when Jula and Felipe came and with the exception of the tie dye shirts I think we did it all.  Gabriele has viewed the website showing all our photos of these happy times.  I'm sure we can't do as much as we did then but I'm starting a new list which will include some of the same things like the NFL, NBA, MBA (minor league) experience and visits to Tallahassee and Washington.  I think it would be good for Gabriele to go to Chicago with the rest of the group and watch the Thanksgiving Day parade which kicks off the lighting of the street lights for Christmas that the Host Rep does every year and to Illinois to visit Lincoln's birth place.  There will be new things like riding bike trails and visiting the Sugar Plantations here near our home and of course the St. Augustine montage of sites which are endless.

It has been brought to my attention that he doesn't like this photo but he gave it to me. 
He loves to video as Felipe loved to take photos so maybe he will make a film about his experience or a mini film so that I may load it onto the blog.  There will be similarities and differences.  I have told him about my grape collection or fascination which ever you prefer and how when Felipe moved here he thought he had moved to Italy.  We look forward to what we will learn about him and his country and pray that America will end this war soon.  Not only can we NOT afford it, but the world is a smaller place now and there are lives we are killing that fight our invasion just as we would fight an invasion upon our homes and local towns.  Most importantly, it is the right thing to do for harmony and peace among all nations and its people. 

Like this one better Gabriele?
When Felipe arrived until he left he could never break a bad habit that he had learned in Brazil about the English language.  He would always pronounce the e at end of a word that was to be silent. I had explained that in english this was only to make the vowel preceding it long.  Like rice, he would say "ric eeee" by pronouncing the silent e.  He went to soccer practiceeeeee.  It would drive us crazy. We know how Italians end words with "a" so I believe we will have the same issue with Gabriele only instead of an e, it will be a short a.  Luckily we have adopted some Italian words and he will be correct when he talks about pizza, bologna and meata ballas!  I'm looking forward to learning about the true Italian way of cooking and the culture.  After all, I'm halfway there with the Italian kitchen and the grapza.

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