Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner

Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner
Blue Ridge Smoky Mountains

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 212 - Aeries and the United States

So many times we are looking at something and it is right in front of us but we can't see it.  My father bought me a coloring book one time.  Not the typical coloring book like most kids.  That was a trend with my father, he bought me science kits and a sex book with photographs at twelve.  He didn't buy me much but what he did buy was all about the gaining of knowledge.  Education was a big deal.  The coloring book was black and white lines of illusions.  It was up to me to color the colors to match the examples on the outside to see how the depth perception of points and planes of the surface of the object would move in and out just by looking at them a different way.

I had my own experience with this recently in real life.  I have traveled the roads in my area for years.  And to my defense I have not traveled all of the roads to which I am about to tell you. I met a man searching for a roseate spoonbill doing this and after we started talking it became obvious to me that he loved birds as much as I do.  I asked him if he would take me to see the eagles nests in the area because I never had seen one.  They start at five feet in diameter and eagles use the same nests for a lifetime provided the weather cooperates. If a storm damages their nest, they will rebuild in the same area because eagles are territorial and need about a 1-2 mile diameter for their space.  The nests are called aeries.  They are built in the part of trees where the branches start to branch off from the trunk.  They are cone shaped and quite large.

To my amazement he said yes.  The next week we went and he showed me EIGHT nests right in my area and another one some distance away.  There is also one near my house that is actually 3 nests built one on top of the other and is 21 feet tall!  A person can fit inside each of these nests.  They are no small feat and are a sight to see.  As I was looking at the trees far away, he asked me to see if I could find the fourth one after seeing three that he had pointed out.  It was tough especially since the eagles are not here right now.  It took about six minutes but I finally found it.  It felt good.

To recognize our national bird, the American Eagle and its home within our country was patriotic and the pride I felt was beyond description.  Now when they return next month I will be able to spot them easier. And perhaps catch a glimpse of their babies.  I know the feeling of raising young children and young adults with pride.  My son has a middle name Aries.  The same sound as aeries.  And it is my wish for him that he will do like the eagles do. 1) Mate for life. 2) At the age of forty, be able to have the same strength that eagles do to tear off THEIR OWN TALONS to be able to life another forty years or die and 3) Fly as high as an eagle.

Thank God we didn't listen to Ben Franklin who wanted our national bird to be a turkey.  They are not that bright and actually try to drink rain water and choke on the rain.  There was a reason Congress didn't take his advice and a good lesson for all of us to learn. The Escutcheon is born on the breast of an American Eagle without any other supporters to denote that the United States of America ought to rely on their own Virtue.

note: The first pair of Eagles have returned to their nest before the Sept 1st expected arrival date: They returned August 24th.  Here they are:

Female Bald Eagle (slightly larger)

Male Bald Eagle (slightly smaller)

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