Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner

Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner
Blue Ridge Smoky Mountains

Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 227 - Chinese Firedrill

Ahhhh, those crazy Americans!  Hosting foreign exchange students again, reminds me of how much we just do without thought.  Gabriele wanted to celebrate his birthday in the American way and asked for Apple pie!  I told him that is not what we do.  But I couldn't help but to comply with his wish when he reasoned, but I have never had an American Apple Pie and this is what I want.  Ok then, that is what we did. 

Since arriving, we have tried to give Gabriele and Malte the American Experience by watching the Little League world series and explaining the American game of basketball.  We then took them to a double A Cubs game and have introduced them to hamburgers, rootbeer floats and chinese firedrills.  This always makes them laugh and we even got the parents of Felipe and Jula to enjoy such crazy American cultural experiences. 

[From Wikipedia] A Chinese fire drill is a gag performed by a vehicle's occupants when stopped at a traffic light, especially when there is a need to change drivers or procure something from the trunk: Before the light changes to green, each occupant gets out, runs around the vehicle, and gets back inside (but not necessarily in their original seat). If one of the participants lags, the others may drive off without them.

Figuratively, a Chinese fire drill is an act—especially, any large, ineffective, and chaotic exercise—by a group of individuals that accomplishes nothing.

I make sure to note that I don't like the ethnic overtone of the Chinese being stupid or chaotic by what we call this event but it is what we call it.  Click here to view a YouTube video of a chinese firedrill and release some tension at the next red light you stop at.  This is always sure to get a laugh from anyone and everyone...its the right thing to do. 

Here is a Chinese Fire Drill on a Whole Notha' Level!

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