Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner

Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner
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Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 233 - The Fighting Knights Lynn University's Mens Basketball Team

I've seen it, heard it, and been a part of the sexism that exists in sports.  THANK GOD FOR TITLE NINE!  I could probably blog daily for the next year about the inequalities of men and women in sports but I'll just give you my story.  A Division II school Lynn University near Ft Lauderdale Florida belongs to the Sunshine Conference.  We had been told every time we went there, they were building a new facility for officials.  Each time we were in different locations ranging from the mens locker room, to the small office of a coach, to a spot behind the bleachers because they were "still building" the officials room for the last three years.  Note: no new construction was seen from the confines of the playing area.  I hoped it wasn't a dog house out in the back that they forgot to build a door for.

We arrived, and my good friend T was with me so we had driven the six hours one way and were pretty excited to officiate together as it had been awhile.  We were told that we would be using the men's locker room although the men did have a game right after ours.  We knew that the men go out to practice during warm ups and then usually return to do their "go team-work-myself-up" speech from the coach before reentering the court before their games.  We worried about sharing facilities with a men's team while trying to shower. We addressed this with our escort and he informed us he would discuss it with the AD and would let us know what to do and where we would be able to take a shower.

We not only had to worry about the usual details of the game but now we were worried about the mens team and their staff having access to our valuables as we were defenseless to protect our stuff while we were working on the court.  We finished the game and we were told we had five minutes to do post game, take a shower and leave.  We told them that it was the duty of the school to provide us facilities and would it be possible to just ask the mens team to stay out on the court while we showered.  The escort said he would go ask the AD and we started to take off our clothes.  We didn't even have time to do a post game.

T checked her suitcase and her money was gone.  The men had been allowed to dress for their game with our stuff in their locker room.  We waited for our liaison to return and he told us we had to leave now because the AD told us we were not as important as the Lynn University Mens Basketball Team.  T said, I'm taking a shower.  So as she jumped in to rinse off I explained to the escort that money was missing from our bags.  Just then ALL OF THE MENS TEAM ENTERED THE LOCKER ROOM AND T WAS IN THE SHOWER WITHOUT A STITCH OF CLOTHING.  MY PARTNER AND I STOOD GUARD AND WOULDN'T LET THE MEN USE THE RESTROOMS.  IF THEY WANTED TO STAY AND DO THEIR LETS-GO-TEAM CHEER, THEY COULD DO THAT BUT THEY WERE GOING TO HAVE TO KILL ME TO GET TO T.  WE TOLD T DO NOT COME OUT OF THE SHOWER UNTIL WE TELL YOU TO.

Long story short, we were not happy and Lynn University had neglected in their duties to protect us and give us privacy.  I wrote a scathing e-mail to our assignor and unbeknownst to me he forwarded my e-mail without edits to the Athletic Director of Lynn University.  I used the F word one time.  So when he returned the e-mail stating that Lynn University was going to send us a letter of apology. But next time try not to use profanity when writing to him.  I learned a valuable lesson that day.  Do the right thing and just state the facts.  Let the other people draw their own conclusions.

Lynn University built a special facility for not only the officials for the women's team, but an additional one for the men's team officials. When we had back to back games, both teams and both sets of officials could have privacy and shower during the off season.  I'd like to think I played a small part in this huge chapter of change.  The Fighting Knights of Lynn University Athletic Department was chivalrous in doing the right thing but the Men's Basketball Team were not true Knights at all, the money was never returned.  The true Knights on that day were my partner and me who protected all her birthday suit glory.

Knights are professional warriors whose role in civilized lands is to defend the people and uphold the law. The knight protects the weak, deals swift justice to lawbreakers, and wages war against evil monsters that threaten the land.

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  1. The AD from the Fighting Knights Lynn University Athletic Department contacted me to refund my partner the $30 that was stolen from her bag. They get the RIGHT THING TO DO AWARD! Thank you Lynn University.