Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner

Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner
Blue Ridge Smoky Mountains

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day 241 - If I Were A Tree

So I've finally figured it out.  I knew what kind of bird I would be but I could never figure out what kind of tree I would be...until recently.  I would be a Sycamore Tree.

American Sycamore Tree
The most obvious reason is that I'm not a small person.  Sycamores grow very tall and can live beyond 600 years.  They have huge leaves.  The photo I'm showing here is of a sycamore leaf beside a size 12 man's shoe.  But more importantly the history of the Sycamore fits me perfectly....according to which mystic code of symbolism this tree signifies "curiosity," because it is identified with that on which Zaccheus climbed that he might see Christ at His triumphal entry into Jerusalem.

I'm very curious.  Always wanting to learn more.  It fascinates me when I find a story behind a fact or event, I guess that is why I love the Olympics so much.  The coverage isn't just about the events, its about the stories of how the Olympians have worked so hard and sacrificed to be there.

The tree is also solid in its grounding.  It is strong as it goes through much adversity. Even when the winds blow strongly in one direction for nine months out of the twelve, the Sycamore will retain its symmetrical outline, its head not leaning more to one side than another.  I'm symmetrical in a different way , more like a pear! But symmetrical never the less.

Though the foliage is undoubtedly dull in color, and wanting in variety of light and shade, the tree, as a whole, has, when well grown, considerable beauty of outline. Its smooth-barked cylindrical stem rises generally but a few feet from the ground before sending out nearly horizontal branches, the lower of which may form large limbs, reaching, as we have seen, to a considerable distance from the trunk. The branches lessen regularly towards the top of the tree, so that standing alone in a park the Sycamore presents a regular, rounded crown.  I'm dull in color or void of color.  I am comfortable in t-shirts and shorts, being the gym rat that I am.

But for me, the tree is wide at the bottom, providing much needed shade in Florida.  They grow fast and I miss the one that we planted in front of the house we built.  I love the sycamore tree and am thankful for its sturdiness and comfort.  I won't climb this tree anymore at my age, but I will still continue to be curious about everything. I'm comfortable in my own skin also regardless of how it looks to others.

"The sycamore, also, was sacred.  Peasants gather around them in rituals.  In the Land of the Dead there was a sycamore in whose branches the goddess Hathor lived; she leaned out of it giving sustenance and water to deceased souls.  In Memphis, Hathor's epithet was Lady of the Sycamore."
~Larry Gates, 
Egyptian Nature Mysticism  

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