Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner

Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner
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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day 250 - FUD - Don't Trust Your Kids

Microsoft has recently done what they are notorious for doing.  Threaten to sue the little guy.  If they do this, they will then be forced to show "their code." Microsoft is so proprietarial it would never show its code so threaten they continue to do.  My professor calls it FUD.  Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.  Cause this and then they will be "scared" of the Bad Wolf and then maybe they won't tell anybody else. This is a cheap, shameless tactic to scare people and businesses from using a competitor's product  You don't have to actually prove anything, just spread rumors.

This is a far cry from the Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt that we have about our kids.  Our pastor tells the youth in our church,  a parent SHOULD NOT trust their children UNTIL they give them a reason to trust them.  And then CONTINUE to give them many more reasons to trust them after that. Senator Erie Adams is a politician, once policeman.  He says children have no constitutional rights to privacy at home.  After working in the law enforcement field for years, he tells parents, it is their duty and obligation to protect the members of the household and provide safety for ALL family.  He encourages looking for contraband and denies this is spying on our kids.  I agree.

During the time my son runaway and the PARENTS of his friends lied into my face that he was not there and committed a felony by harboring a runaway, I could do nothing.  I had to search my sons room numerous times.  If it wasn't between the mattress and box spring, drugs were under the last drawer of the dresser.  If they weren't there, they were inside the guitar.  If they weren't there, they were tucked inside a pocket inside what appeared to brand new laundry.  It is a Federal crime to work for a Federal Installation and to have drugs found in your home, of which the penalty is the ability of the government to seize your home.  The naive, immature, behavior of a teenage son didn't think about the consequences his actions could have had on the entire family.  Homeless on the streets was the worst case scenario or parents in jail.

With that in mind, I support Senator Adams and give you these tools to protect your family.  It is the right thing to do:

Spyware. 25% of teens are sexting.  If found guilty they will be labeled sexual predators for the rest of their lives.  Software4parents, eBlaster, and SpectorPrO are all reliable spyware.

Monitor Online Chats with: MobileSpy or Mobile Stealth

Home Drug Testing:  From one mother to  The drug tests are only $3.  I remember when my son looked me in the eye and SWORE he hadn't done any drugs in thirty days.  We paid for a test at the store, sent it off to California at a tune for $16 and then went online for the answer...POSITIVE.

He just gave us another reason of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.

I'm glad these days are over but I'm beginning to believe the folks older than I.  Kids don't "get it" until they are at least forty.  I hope I can live to see that day and smile when they do.  In the meantime, I pray for my children's health and happiness and ask the Good Lord to let me live long enough to get rid of the FUD.

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