Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner

Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner
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Monday, September 26, 2011

Day 252 - Looking For a New Job? Be Ready to Use Technology

I thought I had knew it all about how to get an interview, as once we get that, it  is up to ourselves to sell.  In an interview, it is up to us to sell our talents, personality and skills.  I know about the spiders in the human resource (which uses no humans anymore but computers) scanning computer code that looks for the matching words in every applicants resume to match their postings description.  That is why posting the same old electronic resume you've had for years is like posting cobwebs.  Your skills must match EXACTLY the description in order for the computer to get your name out of the applicant graveyard.

But what I didn't know is that there are now apps to do the searching for the job postings for you. is an iPhone app that trawls company websites to find postings that aren't listed on major job boards. gives you access to millions of postings from job boards and company websites and sends personalized search results to your iPhone. creates digital business cards and e-mails them from your iPhone to new contacts.

Bump ( lets you exchange contact information electronically. will tweet you job openings in your field and geographical area. - notifies you of job postings wherever  you are. enables you to apply for jobs directly from your iPhone.

LinkedIn's app lets you reach anyone in your network on the go.  It also delivers the headlines, prioritized so you know which stories your peers are talking about.

Here's something else people are doing.  They are making their own videos.  Loading up on their own YouTube site.  Just the meare two-minute clip, shows that you are techno savvy.  It goes beyond the one-dimensional resume and gives recruiters a sense of your personality and the skills that make you exceptional.  You can go to to create your own video for interview prospects.  Some people are interviewing via Skype also.  It saves thousands of dollars and save you time to fly across the USA for what May or May Not be a good interview.  Make sure you frame your shot.  Get rid of background clutter and shut your pets in another room.

The last suggestion is to become a blogger about things in your field.  Google will stack your results and it makes it easier for people to find you online.  Use your full name as your blog URL.  List the URL of your blog on your Facebook and LinkedIn page.  (Hint: Remember Google owns YouTube)

Need a webpage? Try WordPress.  Its so easy,  my church used it for laymen to start and continue to update its site. 

Get a great Profile Picture.  Build your Brand.  Use a white background, Kirsten Dixson, co-author of Career Distinction: Stand Out by Building Your Brand.  She also suggests making the most of your LinkedIn page and bringing your profile 100% up to date.  Create a Facebook Brand Page.

Join conversations and be sure to post your full name and your blog.  This increases the traffic to your blog.   Twee with a purpose.  Nobody wants to know what you ate for breakfast.

If using Facebook frightens you, use's free tool.  It encrypts everything you post to Facebook so your data won't get leaked the next time privacy settings change.  

If you want to link all your sites together, register with HootSuite or Hellotxt.  These services link your platforms together so you can update multiple platforms at once.

Follow the Top Blogs in your industry.  ( Pick the top 5 industry blogs - find them at and three LinkedIn groups to check in on everyday.  It will take about a month but you will become an expert in your field that fast.

Ditch your aol e-mail address, hotmail and yahoo as well.  It's easy to switch to Gmail and it enables yout to take advantage of useful tools such as Google Docs, Google Reader and Google Video Chat.

If you need to know after that initial phone call from a company which technology they use, check out  It is a site where users anonymously post information about company culture and salaries. 

The right thing to accept that it's not your Mothers' way anymore.  Time's have changed and technology is only going to get faster.  Put your seat belt on and ride the roller coaster.  Have some fun!

- information obtained by Virginia Sole-Smith, who blogs at

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