Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner

Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner
Blue Ridge Smoky Mountains

Monday, September 26, 2011

Day 253 - The Phd...Pocket Discs

I met the owner of Pocket Discs (the actual inventor was his daughter Savanna) which are made in Guatemala.  Here is his story (obtained from his website) ....

 Fair trade toy hurtling across parks, pools, living rooms and college campuses nationwide

HILLSBOROUGH, NC – The Pocket Disc is quickly becoming one of the hottest toys on the market for teens, college students, children, outdoor enthusiasts, and dog lovers. What started as a homework assignment in Savanna Groft’s third grade class is now earning rave reviews for its performance, safety, portability, and versatility. The Pocket Disc is a 100% cotton, brilliantly colorful flying disc – the first true indoor/outdoor disc for all ages.

Tasked with crocheting a round placemat for her handwork studies, Savanna unknowingly created the first Pocket Disc prototype. But, her placemat was not initially recognized for its unique flying abilities. It sat on an end table for over a year and a half until it was inadvertantly tossed it across the room.

Knowing they wanted to do more than just make a toy the company began producing the discs through fair trade as a way to give back to the global community. With a veteran importer, Phd Productions found groups of Mayan women in Guatemala to produce the Pocket Discs. “The money they make crocheting Pocket Discs and other handmade products enables over 350 Guatemalan weavers to support and send their children to school in a country where 75% of the people now live below the poverty line,” according to Patrick Groft.

With production of the Pocket Disc established, the company got started on marketing the Pocket Disc and creating a variety of games and uses for it. Some include Indoor Disc Golf, William Tell, Pocket Disc Hockey, Ceiling Fan 500 and Skitzlejinx. The rules to these games and many others can be found on the Phd Productions website at

Pocket Discs can be purchased on the Phd Productions website and at a variety of retailers nationwide including Eastern Mountain Sports, many independent Play-It-Again Sports and over 1,500 specialty toy, gift and outdoor retailers. The Pocket Disc is available in a variety of colors and designs. The Indoor Edition retails for $9.99 and the heavier weight Sports Edition retails for $14.99. For more information visit  or

When I came home one day after work to find a lamp broken, only to find out my kids had been playing with the football in the house, I wish I had known about these.  The kids did do the right thing however and fessed up to who did it and why. (obviously not a good reason but never the less they did tell the truth)  I was mad, but in the end, I got over it, they confessed and they hadn't been hurt.  I can always buy another lamp but I can't get another child.  The pocket disks are like your kids, full of energy, and soft and huggable.  And they do less damage!

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