Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner

Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner
Blue Ridge Smoky Mountains

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 267 - An Ocean - Tie Dye Style!

When Gabriele came, he taught me a saying, that if you keeping adding drops to a body of water, it eventually becomes an ocean.  It is so true.  How did my grape collection start with a mug and a few items from my time at North East High School with a grape picker mascot turn into a kitchen filled with over 300 grape motif items that have spilled into the living room, dining room and front reading room?  One drop at a time I guess.

So it is the same with my bucket list.  We attempted two times in the past week to check of attending a "corn maze" and after driving over thirty miles into the country, the first time they were closed to rain and the second time they were closed to...well just closed.  So that drop contained no water.  So the boys have helped me conquer another item on the list however.  Making tie dye shirts!  I had first attempted this two years ago with Felipe and Jula but when we got a letter stating that the items we had ordered to complete the task were no longer available. Figures they were being sent from China.

As I've said before, I BELIEVE I was going to find what I "needed" not what I "wanted" at yard sales.  I finally found a brand new tie dye kit for $1.  This lady also gave me a box of buttons and decoration items when she found out I had made the bras for Breast Cancer for free as well!  So it is, Felipe wanted a bat, he got it at a yard sale.  Gabriele wanted a NY Yankees hat, we got it at a yard sale.  We got our shirts free from JCPenneys to make the tie dye shirts as they had sent me a $10 coupon to use on anything.  The shirts were $7.

So I leave you with photos of our adventure and look forward to getting lost in a corn maze and riding a train through the Autumn colored leaves someday. (Tie Dye on the train track!)  I guess one drop at a time...the ocean will be filled eventually.   I BELIEVE it will. And belief for me is like the dye in the shirts, it is soaked up by the untouched and left more colorful and forever changed.  Be like a drop of dye, and create your own ocean of positive influence.  It is the right thing to do and I believe you will!

Gabriele the Expert!

Taking off the rubber bands

Ta daah!!  Thank you Gabriele and Malte!

Start with White shirts or any other color you choose.

Add die in pattern predetermined.

The die will bleed so you need to set it outside

It all starts with a great plan!

Tie Dye on the Highway

Tie dye on the highway - see the garlands in your hair
If you’re going my way, come along
What a beautiful sky - we just had to stop and stare
See the beautiful colours fill the air
(Oh, just the messengers of peace)
Oh, do you remember - across the burning years
Sweet smell of the mystery I recall
Hang me on Miguel - a smile through all my fears
O high Olympus, touch our soul
With the messengers of peace and the company of love
All the passion and release, and love from up above
Say you will come back with me - say you will come back
Tie dye on the highway - the wheels still turn around
Dance to the mariachi - take my hand
Hope springs eternal when laughter’s feeling sound
Move in the mystic wasted land
With the messenger of peace and the company of love
All the passion and release, and love from up above
(You know that it is true)
From the desert in my art, where the innocent may love
All the passions they release, and the love from up above
Say you will come back with me - say you will come back
Say you will come back with me - say you will come back

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