Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner

Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner
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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 268 - The Safety in Praying - MNF

Sometimes it takes me a while to get the "Ohhhhhh" aha moment.  I was one of the crazy few fans who was an original Jacksonville Jaguars Season Ticket Holder.  I loved the seats, seven rows behind the end zone in the corner.  Unfortunately with the economy, we just couldn't continue to afford the luxury.  So when we took Gabriele and Malte for their very first American football (not futbol - aka soccer) game, not only were they blessed enough to be able to go, they were blessed to attend a Monday Night Football Game!  Many Americans NEVER get this opportunity!

I explained our tradition of tailgating and sucking on blue lollipops and touching the tongue of Touchdown our Jaguar statue in front of the Stadium.  I wanted them to experience it like Americans, not just visitors.  So we stayed the entire game.  Both Malte and Gabriele were surprised that Football in America is not JUST football!  It is entertainment.  From the time the gates open, you are given free flags and items and chances to win MORE items.  They were surprised to see fans of opposing teams sitting beside each other without plexi-glass to separate their madness.

AT halftime, we got to turn on the blue lights in our flags and the stadium lights were dimmed.  The lights matched the color of our tongues! Teal for the Jaguars.  They saw our team mascot Jackson de Ville enter the field from 50 feet above the air sky-jumping onto the field with his crazy self!  They learned many things.  At one point when the opposing team was in their own end zone, we started making the sign for a safety.  You know the two hands put together over your head and Malte asked if we were praying!  What a great question, it had been a long time since the Jaguars have played well and praying surely could help.  I explained this was the sign of play that awarded us two points called a safety. 

I'm sure there is something to this, safety in prayer.  No magic fireworks, no blue lights, no blue tongues, no mascots, just two points: 1) its the right thing to do and 2) a connection that needs no fancy communication or lights.  This only a winning proposition. It worked on MNF - Monday Night Football, the Jaguars won and shut down the Ravens rushing game to only 34 yards for the entire game! MNF - Most Need Father....God

Beads, Blue Tongues and Blue Light Flags

Go Jaguars



Touch his tongue for good luck

He's hungry for some Ravens!

The view from up above

Gabriele and Malte with their hats

Go Jaguars!

Jaxon de Ville upon ENTRY!

The singing of our National Anthem

Crazy Pirate fans!

Blue LIghts


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