Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner

Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner
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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 269 - WORRY - What is it Good For? Absolutely Nothing

I realize as I write this that the person who needs to hear this most is the author.  So if along the way, you as the reader gain from it also, then I have surpassed my own nurture myself.

We have heard of the saying WAR, what is it good for?  Absolutely nothing.  I believe this to be same case in another word that begins with W.  I try to trust God for the most part and for most of my life have been able to push away the fear that comes from worrying but after three years without Steve getting a job, it is becoming evident that even with a PhD, companies are looking for all the bells and whistles of the degree, and the naivety of a college graduate (the first time with an AS or BS) to take the same jobs they displaced people making $60k with a new employer for $30k.  And they are getting that worker and all their inexperience.  Employers won't legally admit it, but they are looking at an interviewee's age, their weight, or their overall health.  They don't want to pay higher premiums for healthcare either.

I wonder if I have to quit going to school so that I can enter the job market and pay for groceries.  I don't want to quit being so close to the end of the tunnel. Especially after my last meeting with the Department of Computer Science Chair who confirmed that I will graduate in the Spring.  The light is shining and I can finally see it.  So I worry about what will happen to my credit and the food on my table for these last few months.  I try to trust in God to offer a job to Steve but I know in my heart that God doesn't want Steve to have just "any" job.  He wants him to have the "right" job.  And quite frankly right now there aren't very many "right" jobs out there, however there are many "any" jobs out there.  So when the conservative right say there ARE "jobs" out there, this is what they mean.

I read a story in the Daily Bread that helps me process this period of time we are going through.  Anne Cetas writes about the rejection that comes in the form of "Thank you. But this does not meet our needs at this time [you can substitute the word YOU for This here.]"  We can use this same phrase to empower ourselves instead of feeling powerless.  So I will do the right thing and use positive thoughts and say "Worry does not meet my needs at this time -- or ever. My heart's need is to trus God.  I will 'be anxious for nothing '" (Phil 4:6)  Or when I see my neighbor who has something I don't that I wish to have too "Envy does not meet my needs at this time -- or ever  My need is to give thanks to God.  His Word says, 'Envy is rottenness to the bones ' (Prov. 14:30), and 'In everything give thanks' " (1 Thess. 5:18)

Anne says, "We can't renew our minds by ourselves (Rom. 12:2); it's the transforming work of the Holy Spirit who lives in us.  Yet speaking the truth in our thoughts can help us to submit to the Spirit's work within."

I have often thought about writing a rejection letter of my own to the companies who have made me wait for over an hour past the scheduled interview time with no regard for my time.  Just because we are jobless doesn't mean the Golden Rule doesn't apply. I've thought of writing to the interviewer a rejection letter or e-mail of my own....for asking about my marital status, or about my kids, or about anything else that is illegal to do in an interview.  One time I was asked to wait while the interviewer got up, went to the adjoining room and slammed a bunch of cabinets loudly for over ten minutes.  I looked around to see if there were any hidden cameras as this was definitely without a doubt the TV show... Hidden Camera.  I decided when he came back that instead of just walking out before he came back, I would abruptly end the interview.  He finally came back and sat down and said, "Brenda-jean, I'm not sure about you."  I stood up, reached across his desk with hand extended and said, "I AM however sure about you. I am also sure about me.  We are not a match, not even close.  Thank you for your time."  I shook his hand as he had this stunned and confused look on his face.  And I thought to myself, "This does not meet my needs at this time -- or ever."

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