Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner

Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner
Blue Ridge Smoky Mountains

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 278 - Vitamin F

A photo of what we were going to make
As I was sitting waiting for the other participants to show up to this Saturday Floral Arrangement class, Betty, our instructor had a power point presentation ready for us to watch.  She had a slide on the presentation that caught my attention.  Vitamin F was good for you.  That is vitamin F (flowers) are good for our souls.  We were preparing to make a holiday table centerpiece.  What a great day, I've always wanted to know how to make a floral arrangement.

I remember about seven years ago walking into a floral shop and pricing a floral arrangement that had red carnations and holly that smelled like fresh pine trees.  The first one I saw was $140!  I looked at ALL the tags and the cheapest one (in a vase) was $75!  The floral industry rips people off.  Yes it costs money for the gas to deliver the flowers but they add a delivery charge to the order to cover this.  Not to mention that they buy the flowers at wholesale too!  This floral class was only $25 and we got to keep the arrangement that we each made.  We were reminded that starting in January the price would jump to $35.  It did put a damper on my "F" mood but I understand. It is a luxury to have the privilege to learn this from a licensed professional.  So depending on my budget and the flowers to be used, I'll continue to do this. 

Every Floral arrangement starts with a good line
So here are the photos to show what we did and how we started and how we all ended.  I can now cross this off my bucket list.   In the last six months, I have learned how to make pottery on a pottery wheel, make stained glass and now floral arrangements.  Just goes to show you that an old dog is never to old to learn new tricks! Not only did I learn how to do this, it was fun and I could do it on my own now.  I learned about the design lines that start an arrangement and the "mechanics" of it as Betty taught us.  I met new people and enjoyed the Carriage House where we took the class.  An old horse barn, how fitting.  Horses put us in good moods too. Something about the smell of fresh pine trees, horses and flowers all remind me of my childhood at my grandparents house.

The Clydesdales at Anheuser Busch St. Louis
If they could only bottle Vitamin H and Vitamin F that we could feel as good as we do when we are around flowers and horses.  Of course, the best of all would be Vitamin Bd, for my birds! I can just hear my mother saying, "Hey is for horses"  and now I can say, "Yes Mom, and F is for Soul Flowers" because they made me feel better even if I did have to pay a Co-pay!

A wet Oasis

Creating the line

Betty helps us

Juniper, Pine needles and Pine Trees

Your neighbor may have these in their yard!

Harley Davidson Chickie!

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