Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner

Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner
Blue Ridge Smoky Mountains

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day 281 - Do You Believe?

Many of my blogs have been about my personal belief that if you do BELIEVE in something and send out the mental waves to the "universe", the universe will put people in your life to make your dream come true, it WILL happen.  Here is just ANOTHER story to confirm this belief.  Gabriele Brentari is our foreign exchange student from Italy.  We, the host family, chose our students based on essays they fill out and photos that are submitted with their application.  We personally look for what the teachers say, as they are the ones that are "with" these students for most of their waking day.

The thing that stood out for me was that Gabriele was an artist, he showed a photo of painting he had done and I hoped he would teach me how to paint.  [note* must be another angel who will lead me to the painting teacher as Gabriele hasn't been "the one" from the universe to do this] that being said, it must have been the angels who were using us to chose Gabriele for a higher cause.  The universe is really very small, how small?  Well Gabriele's Great Aunt and Uncle have been researching their roots to Italy as their grandfather told them of their family in Italy but due to circumstance beyond his control, was never able to return there.  His Great Uncle had traveled to Italy from America and met with his Grandfather's brother's family last year.  Both speaking their native languages, their barrier was huge and communication is a struggle.

Gabriele made contact with his Great Aunt Delores and to prove the small universe comment, she has a son that lives in where?  Florida, and where in Florida?  The City where we live, and where in the same city? in the same subdivision! Literally less than 2 miles away.  So for Christmas, they were able to reunite.  For Americans to reunite with their European roots or other continents in general is such a fulfilling process.

Jim, Gabriele's Second Cousin

Jim, Delores, Gabriele

Jim, Delores, Gabriele, and George (Delore's Husband - not my angel)

Steve, Jim, Delores, Gabriele, George, Cassius

Steve, Jim, Delores, Gabriele, Brenda-jean, Cassius
As I've told you my Guardian Angel's name is George.  And he asked that I assist he and the other angels, I accepted the invitation of course, but I never really know about the outcomes.  This was one time I did.  By George, you were right, I'm here, please use me again.  But can you send me someone who can teach me how to paint?

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