Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner

Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner
Blue Ridge Smoky Mountains

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 288 - The Clear View

I was cooking last night and I heard this loud thud.  I knew what it was as I have heard it many times before but this time it was a little louder than the normal thud.  When I finished cutting the onions for my tomato, pasta creation, I wiped my hands quickly and turned to see if the cardinal that had run into the sliding glass door so many times before was dazed or dead from a broken neck.  As I looked outside, I was suddenly aware of why the thud was louder than normal.  A sharp-shinned baby hawk had ran into the window and was perched on the patio furniture with bright yellow eyes obviously stunned.

I yelled for anybody who could hear me in the house.  Nobody was nearby, I grabbed the camera to take a photo as I had never seen a baby so close before.  The yellow eyes were amazing.  How do such beautiful creatures soar so high and then with eyes of precision run into an image of reflection of oneself?  The hawk must have been chasing one of the fifty or so small birds that are in our back yard.  In pursuit of what he valued as the prize or the chase of the prize, he had a clear view that suddenly changed to a reflection of itself before crashing.

I thought about life and how we do that.  How we pursue what we value as the prize or even the chasing of the dream as the prize only to run into something that was clearly the path and had suddenly changed into a brick wall. We saw the image of ourselves and realized that we were the enemy.  We have met the enemy and he is us.  We are our own worst enemy.  It is only with a loud thud, a dazed conscience and a body in shock that we stop long enough to evaluate the situation.  What is it that we are chasing that may not be the path in which we are supposed to follow? 

Our destiny is one of many options and paths.  My belief is that we have more than one path to reach the correct destiny.  There are reasons we make mistakes or run into glass doors along the way, to stop momentarily to reflect on the once clear vision that suddenly was our own reflection that we have run into - head first.

Is it just a coincidence that the quote "We are our own worst enemy." was used on the first 1970 Earth Day poster by the creator of the character Pogo by Walt Kelly.  Are we tending to the earth as our global population has reached 9 Billion?  Will we be able to take care of her creatures like the hawks of the sky, the dolphins of the ocean or the mammals of the forest if we keep flying without true vision of the glass door?  Are we giving back to the soil after we have eaten the vegetables/fruits from the garden?  Are we composting?  Are we feeding the creatures that complete the life cycle?

As I reached for the camera, the hawk flew off before being able to take the picture.  Thankful for the moment and the vivid lesson learned from it, I pondered and wondered if I was going in the right direction God wants me to go?  I've surrendered the decision of my path to him, I have faith that he will lead me to the place I'm supposed to be as I search a new beginning all while being filled with fear of the unknown.  I wish I could be like that hawk and just jump for my first flight without fear and let the wind carry me as it caresses the feathers of my fragile wings.  Even if I did run into a few glass doors, I would have the courage to fly once I recovered once again.  With faith, I soon will again.

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