Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner

Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner
Blue Ridge Smoky Mountains

Monday, April 16, 2012

Day 292 - Repurposing

I've blogged about this before in the form of finding another person's trash and calling it your treasure.  Remember the terrarium that I rescued as a broken globe from the trash?  Or the hope chest that needed a new fabric seating cover? Or the cabinet that fits over the toilet?  You can do the same thing with items that can be used for the yard.  Nested in wildflowers, birds seem to love them. As school is coming to an end and my stress level keeps rising due to the inability to convince anyone that REALLY I'm worthy of a new chance at putting my years of work ethic and new computer skills to the test, I think about repurposing.  Am I going to be put to the side of the road as trash or will someone see the goodness in me and recreate me with a new coat of paint of a new cloth?

Here a few photos of what we've rescued so far for the yard, particularly with a new home being built across the street, there is a lot of wood in the dumpster.  So Steve made edging for the flower garden section and a new chopped wood stand out of a pallet to hold the free wood that someone dumped at the end of a cul-de-sac in the neighborhood.  A chair was left out and was rotted, but Steve fixed the seat and now it holds my rosemary bush nicely.  The Carolina Wrens love it. Our umbrella stand broke so we painted the bottom and now it is an ornament on the house. The Birdcage was in our neighbors trash too.  The cardinals love this one.

I found another wicker arched top stand last night and we brought it home. I'm waiting for the inspiration to fix it up.  I know it has potential but I never do anything halfway so I'm still thinking about how to go about it.  So maybe that's the lesson, God doesn't either.  He waits for the right person to fix us up.  We have to wait and be patient.  I pray that my God continues to be an awesome God and move mountains to find the right person at the right time at the right place to fix me up.  I'm a little weathered and worn but with a good coat of paint and a new cloth, I'll be as good as new in a better home than one I could have found by myself.  He has never forsaken me...I wait.

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