Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner

Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner
Blue Ridge Smoky Mountains

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day 293 - Everything is Beautiful

I always wanted to read the bible front cover to back cover.  Who has time?  Now with me reading so many textbooks for class and being on the computer I don't have time no either.  When I was working I DEFINITELY didn't have the time.  I have a saying that I just didn't MAKE the time to do something.  It is my free will choice.  So fifteen days ago I decided that I would read the book of Psalms.  I would divide the 150 chapters into 15 days, and start off my day reading 10 chapters a day.  It is my time with God.  I'm sure we could all read the bible that way.  A little at a time.  I learned a lot.  The biggest impact I think for me were from two chapters.  One Chapter 25:21 Assign me Godliness and Integrity as my bodyguards, for I expect you to protect me.   Pretty powerful words but few in number.  The other is Psalms Chapter 119.  I'll let you read it at your leisure.

I feel closer with God when I pray to him during the day and especially the morning.  The mornings are peaceful and my focus is sharp.  So imagine my surprise today when I was rewarded with such a blessing as the return of the juvenile male rose-breasted Grosbeak to our yard after two years.  As I've blogged about in the past, I researched her meaning as an Animal Totem from the Native American Culture in my life today:

 Grosbeak teaches it is a time to heal wounds for mental and emotional harmony. Forgiveness and caring should be exercised as relationships are evaluated. She shows the fine balance of situations and connection to family. She aids in recognizing the spiritual and physical aspects of all things. Grosbeak teaches to awaken to surroundings in increase activity in life. Watch for movement in new experiences. She helps in recognizing your own voice and internal power. Grosbeak shows how to increase psychic perceptions while remaining balanced within the new awakening you are experiencing. 
It was so perfect.  I had finished my book of Psalms.   I have been accepted to do an internship at a corporate Headquarters located nearby with a new awakening.  I met the team yesterday and one of the things that the DBA (Data Base Administrator) stated was that there is no problem too big.  You can break any big problem into little chunks and analyze and fix them one by one to solve the entire problem.  I agree with this wholeheartedly.  This is the right thing to do.

From Stock photo

 I now have decided to get caught up on my Daily Breads and came across this today.  I have to share with you originally dated for today April 25....EVERYTHING IS BEAUTIFUL...The beauty of the black lacy design against the pastel purple and orange background grabbed my attention.  The intricacy of the fragile pattern led me to assume that it had been created by a skilled artist.  As I looked more closely at the photo, however, I saw the artist admiring his work from a corner of the photo.  The "artist" was a worm, and its work of art was a partially eaten leaf.  

What made the image beautiful was not the destruction of the leaf but the light glowing through the holes.  As I gazed at the photo, I began thinking about lives that have been eaten by the "worms" of sin.  The effects are ravaging.  Sin eats away at us as we suffer the consequences of our own bad choices or those of others.  We are all its victims.   

But the photo also reminded me of the hope we have in God.  Through the prophet Joel, God said to Israel, "I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eat"  (Joel 2:25).  And from Isaiah we learn that the Lord appointed him to "console those who mourn in Zion, to give them beauty for ashes"  (Isa. 61:3).

Satan does everything he can to make us ugly, but the Light of the World can make us beautiful --despite Satan's best efforts. ~Julie Ackerman Link

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