Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner

Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner
Blue Ridge Smoky Mountains

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day 294 - SFC, Sequence Failed Continuity

“Sequence Failed Continuity” is airline code for a flight that does not reach its destination. In the film In My Seat, Steve Scheibner, talks about Tom McGuiness taking his spot as a stand-by pilot for Flight 11.  The flight from Boston to Los Angeles that the 9/11 highjackers ultimately flew into the Pennsylvania Ground. I've never heard this term before.  What it means to me is ultimately a sequence of events failed to continue to its original destination.  How often does that happen with our dreams?

We make plans, set goals and continue on a path of our choosing.  Then for some unknown reason the SFC.  Why?  I think this is the ultimate question of life.  On a lighter contemplation, we make a list, run errands only to return to the house to have the sudden realization we have forgotten to do or pick up one of the items that was on the list.  On a more serious note, have we ever been planning to just continue working and then a health or medical problem happens in the family that side tracks our job and ultimately our benefits?  Sick children, mental illness in the family, sudden deaths of spouses, accidents, health issues, family needs? etc.

I'm still thinking about this one so there's not much to blog about yet. Steve had written his life mission shortly before 9/11.  Maybe the right thing to do would be to write our own mission statement, our own life goal. Steve's was:

To seek, trust and glorify God through humble service and continual prayer. To raise up qualified disciples as quickly as possible so that one day I might hear God say, Well-done my Good and faithful Servant

In the mean time I set out to make tissue flowers to put on a dead branch, an idea seen from Martha Stewart's magazine.  I couldn't find the pink tissue paper and only had green so ended up making green tissue flowers that moved like leaves on the tree with a little wind from our mouth.  I needed a break from studying and felt like being creative.  Here's a cheap creative idea to do with everyone in the family. Everyone can add to the tree, just like the tree of life.  The only Sequence that failed in continuity today was studying for my last exam.  My SFC for tomorrow is however to start my internship for school.  I look forward to the experience and the opportunity that God has given to me and will be wide eyed for any more he shows me during the next month. 

Gabriele helped!

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