Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner

Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner
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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day 298 - A Woman and her Purse

So for some uncanny reason I awoke like I had taken a three year nap, ready and rested at 5:48 AM this morning. Since it was Sunday I decided to take advantage of this event and drive to the beach to take photos of the sunrise.  One of my favorite things to do.  As I stood waiting for the ball of light, I snapped some photos.  I put my new ear pods to my  iPod in my ears and listened to Celine Dion sing "I'm Alive."  It was true, I was alive and I felt great about it.

Flagler Beach, Florida
I moved left to get different angles of the silhouetted palms and sea oats.  The pain in my right ankle began to scream ANTS!!!! I tried to get them off me.  As the sun became brighter, I noticed what had been there all the time but was covered by the grass and the darkness of night.  A purse.  I took it to my car knowing what I had just been through myself having my purse stolen.  I had recently had to recover EVERY BIT of ID I had as my son who borrowed the car did EXACTLY what I asked him NOT to do!   Please, make sure you lock the car as I have my purse in here.  He drove to college, came to pick me up at my college class and when I got in the car, the first thing I did was check...I thought he was playing a joke on me.  My purse, all 12 credit cards, over $65 cash, drivers license, voters registration, baby photos, momentos of poems given to me by ones who loved me, social security card, library card, college ID....Proof of insurance...GONE.  GONE...GONE.  I started panicking.  I tried not to hyperventilate.  My son had the nerve to tell me to "calm down."

Tomoka Oaks
So I made him go with me EVERYWHERE and be with me the ENTIRE time I spent on the phone with credit card companies to shut down the cards, overnight new ones.  We went to fill out police reports at the campus and at the city.  We went to get a temporary license, a new college ID (they were so great to do this as this at least proved who I was; without this I couldn't have gotten back on my feet so quickly).  I was able to shut down the cards to narrow the spent amount to $300 for my credit card companies and I lost the cash.  The two guys who have been on video but haven't been arrested (go figure) bought Valentines Day flowers and 3 foot stuffed teddy bears to their girlfriends...I hope someday they find out they used my credit cards to buy them gifts....great way to say I love you, right?

I took my son to the Social Security Office with me.  I drug him along to the DMV and the clerk sympathized with him saying, "He looks like he is really sorry."  No sympathy here, I had no money to pay anybody for the new ID I had to buy and no debit cards to get cash from my bank. I had no cash for gas to drive around to these places.  I had to borrow money from my boyfriend.   I said, "He should be."  As I told him EVERY TIME HE took the car.  Remember to lock it.  I even said on this particular day, I should call him because I didn't remind him to lock the car this one time... and I left my purse in the car.  Then I thought, he's twenty years old and I tell him EVERYTIME, so I'll trust him this one time.  SHOULDN'T HAVE.

So the point of this is I KNOW what that's like, so seeing this purse, I thought I'd try to find the owner, call them and they could come and pick it up.  NO phone number in there.  Drivers license, 6 credit cards, $53 cash, check book with unused checks (address available but again no phone number).  I called the owner's State Farm Insurance agent, got his cell phone number, left a voice mail.  Called the Roadside Assistance number in her purse and thought I could have them call her, they couldn't track it down by her plan number, they needed her VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).  Called one of her bank cards, they said the only thing they could do was shut down her cards.  I politely declined knowing what this is like.  I still can't pay my old bills online anymore.  I had to recreate brand new IDs and passwords to pay them due to being a theft victim.  It was impossible to get her number in a short period of last thing to do.  Plug her address into Onstar and drive to her house.  So I did just that...She lived over 20 miles away.

I had visions of explaining what had happened to me and hearing how grateful she would be knowing how hard it is now in Florida to prove that you are who you are.  There are stories in the paper daily of senior citizens who have to get their marriage certificates and birth certificates and found out they weren't US citizens after all.  There parents had brought them here illegally.  And other horror stories too numerous to mention.  I had visions of maybe getting a reward for being honest and doing the right thing.  So I knocked on the door.  No answer.  No car in the driveway.  I guess I'll put the purse in the mailbox with a note with my phone number and this blog URL so that she can write about it.  I saw that her medical and dental insurance said she worked for a semi-local newspaper.

As I returned to put the purse in the mailbox, the door opened and two dogs that came up to my hips jumped past her and the "puppy" promptly started sniffing me and then stuck his nose up my butt LITERALLY.  Wow!~  That was the first time I was rewarded in THAT manner.  I was so shocked that I simply said the first thing that came to my head..."He just stuck his nose up my ass$%@*!"  So the vision of sugarplums that were dancing in my head of how great this reunion of a lady and her purse would be...were muffled.

I remember once being told that a man should NEVER EVER, even if directed, NEVER EVER look in a woman's purse.  Always bring the purse to HER and let HER look through it.  I hope she will forgive me for looking through her purse to try to find some phone number to reach her.  As I have forgiven her for not being able to control her "puppy."

And I hope she truly is grateful for not having to go through what I went through.  It was hell on earth.  I told my son that night after not screaming at him once...."I want you to look into my eyes.  I am angry with you.  I am really really really angry with you.  So angry that I can't even yell at you as the rage is so great I would probably act on it.  So I'm controlling my anger and just want you to know this is the most angry I have EVER been at  you."  I had not raised my voice once during this whole trying time.  He apologized and we hugged.  I have recovered everything but the poems and my photos.  I was out over $125 by the time I had finished paying for a new Federally Approved Florida license I didn't have to buy until 2017 and the cash I lost.  I learned the power of forgiveness and the power of doing the right thing so that your children can witness strength during adversity.

I learned from being on the "other" end of finding a purse, that your checks should have your phone number on them, or at least somewhere a phone number on an Emergency Contact Card.  And NEVER EVER ANSWER THE DOOR IF YOU CAN'T CONTROL YOUR PUPPIES.  I have to laugh and remember what the Brits said during World War II...Keep Calm and Carry On. I have and I Shall.  What a beautiful sunrise this morning...I'm ALIVE!!!  I didn't need the hidden purse to show me this, it was there all the time like the purse hidden from the sunlight.  I just have to remember I'm ALIVE daily and be better for it.  Ohhh and the reward???? As I've blogged about previously...the reward is in the good deed and the feeling that comes from it.  This is the highest reward...thought I'd shed some was there all the time...but it may have been a little dark.

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