Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner

Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner
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Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 300 - Our Clothes Should Not Define Us!

OK I'm going to talk about THE subject I've been weight.  I know I've got a problem.  The right thing to do is to redo my weight loss program I started eleven years ago.  When I do this, its balls to the wall and nobody else matters.  Somehow I get great satisfaction out of helping others but for myself NOOOOOO!!!  So please forgive me but I"m going to put myself first starting August 1st and I'm going back on my weight plan.  I have been so poor that I haven't put money as an investment in my health. 

So I was thinking the other day....I'm willing to pay a deductible for health insurance but I'm not willing to pay less than the deductible for a gym membership....whats wrong with this picture??!!! Isn't the gym membership health prevention/insurance anyway?? Ok I got hit in the head with the epiphany rock and I'm waking up from my coma and I'm going to do it. 

So don't be mad when I can't cook or return phone calls or return e-mails or be happy or well you get the idea.  Something happened to me this weekend that restored my faith in humanity...particularly men.  I stopped at the gas station to use one of my gas cards and the pump wouldn't work.  I had called the card company to verity that I still had $38 on the card.  The pump would take the card info when I swiped it but then it would only let me pump $1 at a time.  So I went inside and the clerk said that there was something wrong with my card.  (a lie) I gave him my other card.  Same result.  So I turned to the people behind me in line and asked if anyone knew where the closest Hess Gas Station was beside this one.  And a red-headed man with a white handkerchief bandana who had rode in on a Honda motorcycle gave the clerk cash and paid for my gas!  I insisted on giving him my cash or one of the cards but he refused. 

The reason I mention this is because when I was "skinny" with long blond hair, this would happen often.  Men opened the door for me, smiled at me, spoke to me in passing.  Now that I've regained my weight, this NEVER happens to me.  It reinstored my faith...if a red-headed man thought enough of me to buy me gas, why can't I think enough of myself to make the time to work out.  TV can wait.  No more homework....

It made me think of this time of year when parents are taking their children this weekend to save on the "tax free" discount to buy school clothes for their kids.  I would always go with my Mom and my sister and because I was bigger than normal (really not that big compared to obesity levels today) my sister returned home with clothes and I rarely had more than one pair of pants.  As my doctor once said, "Your hips were made to have children!"  Not what an adolescent girl wants to hear. 

So grandma affectionately made three pair of knickers. She bought and selected the fabric.  I thought when seeing the fabric that it was beautiful...big roses.  She made knickers or as my mother used to say bicycle pants.  So I wore these proudly to school until the kids made fun of me for such "big roses."  One adolescent red-headed male said they looked like drapes. (Maybe that is why I love the Sound of Music ;))

Knickers are defined as the british word for women undergarments that aren't bras.  Traditionally knickers means the heavy, knee-length white pants worn during fencing. They just remind me of golf personally.  People think I'm a golfer because I wear saddle shoes.  Which goes to show you that again I'm not defined by my clothes.  It is not that I don't like golf, I don't have time nor the money.  Would love to though....but right now I'm spending my money on the myself and the gym.  I'll be lifting epiphany rock weights at the gym!

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  1. Don't get hung up on this Brenda. The easy way to lose weight is to STOP eating, and I am not kidding. fasting for 3-5 days does a great cleanse of the body and a good way to lose 5-10 lb to start. I have done 10 days fasts (a little extreme), I would say start with 3 or 5 days every two to three months. If you need help, let me know.

    Its comes down to discipline.... :)

    Oh, I posted an answer to you comment on JediTheOne. :)

    DS888 or Jedi