Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner

Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner
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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day 301 - The Problem Is.....I said No.

When I was working as a SME in the Printing Industry, I would say the problem is...when an idea was brought to our attention and I legitimately was able to spot waaaay in advance a potential problem.  Ninety percent of the time I was right about my foresight and people realized when it was UPON us and particularly male co-workers who had dismissed my preemptive advice at the beginning of the implementation of a process, procedure, and/or idea.  I used the term sparingly but I've noticed that there are many people now in the work place that use this like they say hello and good bye.  It is an everyday occurrence and used without regard to the perception that one is a doubting Thomas.  If every idea is perceived by a person with the first thought being....."The problem is...." it comes across negatively and the person stating this has a bad attitude or legitimately wants to get out of doing something...laziness if you will.

So as you know if you've been introduced and reading my blog for sometime, I'm a pretty open and positive person.  And I had this brilliant idea that I would try to capitalize on renting out some space in the house so that we could make a few dollars and someone could save a hell of a lot of money for a really nice place to stay with all the amenities of resort!  A gentleman starting e-mailing me and there were inconsistencies in the e-mail so I was reserved with giving out my telephone number.  I sent photos of the house, and repeatedly asked what he wanted to pay.  I was being open to an "author" who just needed 2-3 months to stay while he  wrapped up a book he was writing.  He wouldn't answer the question.  He wouldn't give me his last name...he was famous and didn't want to prejudice me.  He wanted to see if our "energies" matched and if he  felt comfortable after that, he would tell me.  So he mentioned a trade and I cut and pasted his original advertisement looking for a room and there was NO MENTION OF A TRADE!!  So again I felt like this was a waste of time to go forward as we were clearly not on the same page.

It is that ole gut that tells you that one and one doesn't equal three.  There were just so many problems. And as I've mentioned, I believe that if a relationship starts rocky, it probably will continue bumpy and end up in disaster because we didn't listen to our own intuition.  Randy Pausch told us that we should watch what people do not only what they say.  So here were a few inconsistencies that arose even after I gave him my phone number and we talked:

2-3 months became 3-6 months
a famous millionaire author didn't want me to know his last name
a famous millionaire author didn't want to pay $600/month

he said he was an energy healer, a shaman.  When I mentioned my second cousin was a shaman, he said....The problem with that is that anyone can go to a class and say they are a shaman.  I can heal people by sending energy to the water you drink. Kinetically.  I'm working on communicating telepathically with animals.

he said he only ate organic food so when I mentioned I have a service that brings organic food to your door for $20, he said....The problem with that is it is waaay over priced and it is not always truly organic.

He said he was in Charlotte NC and would be flying into Orlando but when I did an IP lookup on his e-mail address, he was routing his identity via 30 diff servers originating in Oklahoma.

His name was ed but his e-mail address was dave

So it was when I asked him again for his last name and he refused that I went with my gut and sent him a nice e-mail basically stating my philosophy about if things are this difficult on the front end, this has no positive way to go.  He told me  "I appreciate who you are and get a clear sense of that....and its you, not me nor anyone else....Expecting all to be like you will make you very disappointed quite often...and this is another imposition which is grossly misaligned with the universe. If you really own your integrity...this would not be your reaction...just a thought."

So I wasn't like him and he was telling me I should own my integrity...really?  

I had told him the universe would send me another teacher (he knew yoga and as you know I just blogged about getting in shape and Yoga was something new I was going to try) and he again responded with this:

"You want a teacher?  or a roommate?  You expect a public figure to reveal all knowing the internet as it is?  without respecting his privacy?  and if he doesn't  you refuse to look deeper.."

So then he sent an e-mail to Steve using the word FUCKFACE.  So these are the facts and I ask you what your gut tells you about Ed Strachar who claims to be an energy healer and speed reader.  If he was a speed reader I still haven't figured out why he felt the need to "talk to me" to see if our energies were compatible, for God's sake my blog says everything about me.  From what little I know about zen and peace and healers, negativity doesn't exist in their world.  So would you trust this person to come into your home?

There was no problem here...I trusted my gut, my intuition, and once a manipulator is told they can't have their own way, their true colors are exposed.  And a millionaire who is a con artist knows there truly IS a problem when they can't get their own way or make money off the easily manipulated among us.  Be aware and be diligent.  A true shaman, seeks first to understand and then to be understood.  I'm going to use this phrase "the problem is" sparingly in the future...