Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner

Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner
Blue Ridge Smoky Mountains

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Day 305 - Moving through the Corn Maze of Life

So as it goes, I continue to stretch my comfort zone and try new things.  I've scratched off another item on the bucket list by visiting a corn maze.  It still is amazing to me that at the age of forty-eight, and growing up in farm country of Pennsylvania, I still haven't experienced this event.  So being the great planner that I am, I obtained a map of the maze and drew out the "escape route" in advance.  I was leading two young girls from Australia and Brazil and I wanted to make an impression.  On the way there, Sam said, "We're gonna dieeeee!"  I mentioned to her, I went during the day so it wouldn't be so scary and what could possibly go wrong since my friend from my childhood, suggested I bring a flashlight.  I had the flash light but of course as life does, played a small joke on me.  After I made sure I had new batteries, on the way, learned that the bulb was broken!  No problem, let's make sure we go through the maze when the sun is still up!This was the first year that Cowart's Blueberry Farm owners have constructed the corn maze and it was so much fun!  We entered as I had planned through the A-mazing Time sign.  We were told that if we got lost we could just have the young man on the platform in the middle of the field help us.  I thought to myself, he didn't even know he was God of the corn maze.  God does this, if we take the time in our troubles to look up, he will show us the direction we need to take.  If only we could stop long enough to stop looking at the way we continue on our lost path staring at the same corn stalks of life.  If we've been there before, we recognize the corn stalks but seem to have trouble remembering our way out last time.  Look up we remember and suddenly an opening appears.

I was glad the girls had each other through this maze.  It reminded me so much of my childhood friend.  She has always been there for me and I for her.  We know each other. We can go five, ten, twenty years and not talk but when we do, we just pick up as if we had just talked to each other the day before.  She has lead me through this maze of life many times and I her just to find an opening or remind each other of the God up on the stand in the middle of our own life maze.  Recently we have discussed the issue of visiting a therapist.  She struggles with the thought as we all know it's good for OTHER people.  Therapists connect the dots within our brains that we can't see due to living in our maze.  Sometimes the friends are ok but they are IN there with us.  We need an experienced maze navigator to help us navigate through the corn ourselves.  And there are openings in the maze that need to  be traveled alone.  Going back to our own demons of darkness and trying to get out before the sun sets.  Its tough but when we do, who awaits us?  Our friend and our God.   Sometimes its our family but too often it is the family that built the maze to which we must navigate.  Other times our family sends us in the maze because they know we will emerge a different and better person. 
Sam Aquilina and Beatriz, Australia,  Brazil

Our brain is like this corn maze.  We have connections that are blocked.  Sometimes due to perfect design and others due to chemical imbalances or due to misfiring of neurotransmitters.  The brain is a fascinating place, a place of solace or madness depending on the nature of our connections.  We battle the paths and keep on navigating our thoughts to reach the end.  Struggle becomes part of the travel and facing our fears of being trapped are constantly among us.  Fear is an emotion that stands us still, frozen in our tracks, yet it is only when we face these fears are we able to move forward.  Standing still will not get us out.  Moving with direction, purpose, and most of all a map and purposeful guidance will we make all the connections within our brain work. 

As we reached the end of the corn maze, we found others who had come in the way we were navigating to leave.  They asked for us to navigate them back to where they started.  What a enter a place without a map and never get to the destination...hoping along the way  you could at least have help getting you back to where you started.  This is what therapy is, we go back to our childhood, and hopefully have a good therapist to start over with a map. This leads us to our purposeful path of connections to navigate to where we're going to begin with... journeys of a lifetime without traps along the way to keep us from them.  Little detours that we didn't see coming that sidetrack our future based on our unfinished travels within our brain from our childhood.  

We emerged and were able to enjoy the wonderful other activities that one gets to experience in the country such as, a petting zoo, a rubber ducky race, a bonfire, a game of cornhole, a hayride and good clean air.  Next time I'll be brave enough to go in the dark but I'm always going to look at my map prior to going.  I could answer the questions on the signs that they had had along the trail and if correct could figure my way out, but I believe in doing things the easy way and I really don't like feeling afraid. I had enough of that in my childhood.  Finding my faith has alleviated that and living my faith has made me forget about more fear, only faith.  I know my path and have my connection in the corn maze of life.  Look up!

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