Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner

Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner
Blue Ridge Smoky Mountains

Friday, November 30, 2012

Day 308 - Flowers Take Water, Sunlight and Fertilizer to grow

I read in one of my magazines over the Thanksgiving vacation an article written by a woman who believes that everyone should at some point be one with nature.  Whether it be (forgive my boldness here) peeing out in the woods, gardening, birdwatching, making things from wood, or skinny dipping in the lake.  She feels that without that singular sensation of getting in touch with our animalistic side, we miss the beauty in nature and thus the natural beauty within ourselves.  I knew what she meant.  Over that same holiday, I was able to walk up around the pond, pick crab apples off the ground and from the tree and take them over to feed the goats.  I saved a piece of old weather-worn, chipped painted piece of wood from the fire wood pile and made it into a centerpiece.  This same centerpiece contained abandoned blue robin eggs, the nest they were laid in and pine cones that I had gathered.  

There is just something good that comes from this whole process.  Returning to home, as the Rascal Flatts wrote a song about, we all just need "A Little Bit of Home."  We  return to the same food we ate as children, the same room we slept in as a child and speak of memories of the way things were.  Only to be refueled or recharged to leave the nest once again to continue living our own lives.

For my current time as a parent, my boys have left and are discovering both the reality of life and finding their own lives in that process.  Returning home is not as important as they have just left.  I long for the days that they return and bring new family members.  I long for the days that we will all sit as one family at one big long table and break bread that is made from scratch only to retire to the fire burning in a fireplace or a bonfire outside.  Either way fire is always part of this process too.  Fire destroys and then rebirth takes place.  It is a cycle.  This is what I learn the most over and over again, that just as it is said in Ecclesiastes, there is a time for everything, a season for everything.  The process of life and learning and love and trust are ever evolving.  

Being one with nature, remembering that seeds are distributed all over the ground and it is God who decides which one grows and which ones don't. God and parents water the seeds, put fertilizer on them and around them, encourage them with sunshine and somehow these seeds crack, open up, stretch in darkness through dirt and rock and grow.  We wash our hands from the toil and dirt and know that we have labored. Sometimes we get to see the blossoms and sometimes we don't.  We only can know that we had a hand in part of the process.

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