Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner

Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner
Blue Ridge Smoky Mountains

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Day 309 - The Lines Around Us and Within Us

Line (n)  a long narrow mark or band.  We have all heard the saying, the shortest route between two points is a straight line.  I've been thinking about this word quite a bit lately and it all started with a leaf dangling what seemed like in midair.  I was riding my bike and as I came closer i saw that the leaf was suspended in air held by the tiniest spider web line.  I rode by and the leaf moved from the wind I created as I cycled by and it returned to its space held in suspension, spinning slowly.

This line was invisible but yet strong.  Thin but holding an object many times its weight.  Flexible but unwilling to let go.  I thought of our tiny connection to God.  Is it not the same?  Invisible yet strong and flexible but unwilling to let go. He will slowly stretch to allow us to return to safety when we are hanging without protection in midair.

I've envisioned other lines invisible to me before I see them in my past.  While riding my bike some time ago, I had this weird thought as I approached the highway underpass.  What would happen if a fishing line was tied across the path at just the right height, would I be able to see it before it did damage to me?  Would it clothesline me? As I approached on an early Saturday morning, I saw a fishing line had been tied from one side to the other side of the sidewalk at my neck level.  I stopped, called 911 on my cell phone and told dispatcher where fishing line was located.  By the time I returned on the second half of my bike ride, the fishing line had been cut down. 

What was it about that time that made me think of this and then there it was?  I like to think that it is intuition.  I don't have these thoughts on many occasions but when I do, I listen to them, they are inevitably always right.  This line wasn't holding anything, it was a tied to make a horizontal line and it was supported by its ends and its knots. Like a clothesline holds clothes.  In a weird way it makes me think of being a parent.  Here we are stretched but still strong enough to hold our young.  Sometimes by just a clothes pin.  Until the time comes that they will be removed. We support them while they need changed from a wet status to a dry status.  A child that is not ready who has with sun and wind and support changed to a ready status.  Off they go. 

And there are lines that are boundaries, places to tread, places not to tread, things to say, things not to say, lines in the sand if you will. Lines in the roads, the paths of life, the path on which I ride that bike, I go back to the leaf hanging on the spider line, invisible and strong, I think of the word line as a verb. Line: (v) Cover the inside surface with a layer of different material.  And I wonder if its through the lines which are invisible, flexible and strong that God lines us with his protective guidelines that actually do define us as individuals. Because it is clear to me that the boundaries others set up around us surely don't define us. Intuitively we know this but like the fish line, actually seeing it is believing it. This is where faith should line our thoughts.

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