Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner

Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner
Blue Ridge Smoky Mountains

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day 315 - Smut Towel

You know when you are a guest in a friend or family's house, you try to clean up when you leave, leave it as you found it?  I subscribe to the philosophy to leave it better than I found it.  I try to bring gifts to the host or help with a chore they have not been able to get to due to physical limitations or time.  I try to leave a thank you card on the pillow of my guest bed or bring a bottle of wine, etc.  I know it is work for the person to clean their house to make it presentable (of course unless they have a model home to begin with) and then have to clean all the sheets and remake the bed when we've ended our stay.

Recently the shoe was on the other foot as they say, we had two old friends, both friends from a long time ago and old.  I know the term is relative but they are close to 60...very very close, so I think we can say this.  But judging by some of  the action of my old friends (and yes I know I am not obligated to claim them) they are more like children.  Even our foreign exchange students figured out how to blow up the air mattress, but our guest didn't ask for help so left it in the bag and slept on the floor because he was either embarrassed to ask or he was busy using our computer.  Yes he stayed up about 2 hours after WE went to bed and used the computer.   He kept talking about so it got my curiosity up.  He had been looking at his e-mail and left it open when I went in there to help him with the sheets and pillows, which he mentioned he wasn't done.  Emails that were from and etc.  After doing a history search, it was verified that he was using our computer for porn.  Doesn't he realize that these sites can load viruses on a computer?

Not to mention that this is weird to do at a friends house?  He doesn't own a computer, he uses the library.  He's one of those older weirdos looking for younger girls.  He's never been married nor had a girlfriend long term since I've known him.  Sometimes we must look at the behavior and determine if there is really something behind all this.  His car is filled with newspapers, papers, old food containers, and a cooler.  He never has money to spend and saves the foil from baked potatoes when we go out to eat.  His shoes still have velcro on them and his shirts are so thin you can see through them.  What is it about people who are so frugal they are borderline psychotic?  I know I've been frugal for these past years but I feel like I'm well balanced otherwise...

He doesn't want to date women with children and swears the woman who he has been on a date with want a serious relationship with him.  I guess I will just have to subscribe to the theory that the people who talk to about things the loudest are making up for something that is the softest.  And I just pray that as I get older that I am different. I'll know that the towels are always in the bathroom closet and that I know the difference between that towel and a cotton floor mat.  It seems like my friend may need quite a few more towels to wipe the smut out of his life.  He surely needs more vision, he should start with his eyes.