Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner

Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner
Blue Ridge Smoky Mountains

Friday, January 17, 2014

UPDATE: Tundra has been Moved to an Outdoor Cage! Good News!


Bradford Carson will be providing music for our fundraiser.

Bradford Carson
The video about the fundraiser and her progress and story is uploading to YouTube as we speak,
Please share this blog on your Facebook to let people know of Tundra's Progress!
She will be eating MORE mice now that she has become restless and she has begun moving around using more energy.  Please keep those donations coming in.

Photo courtesy of Steve Atkins FoxCove Photography
Tundra the Snowy White Owl arrived in Transylvania County Dec 5, 2013.  She arrived emaciated weighing only 3.8 lbs (snowy white owls should be between 6-8 lbs). She was rescued by Wil Kilpatrick and transferred to Carolina Mountain Naturalists run by Carlton Burke who has been tending to Tundra with his own funds.  We as a community need to continue our financial support to help Tundra and Carlton in this Miraculous effort.  There has not been a snowy white owl in this county since 1891!.  It is not helpful to call Carlton, or show up at his residence unannounced or email him, he has other Birds of Prey he is tending to and is slightly overwhelmed with all the requests to see the bird.  The bird needs privacy to heal and get well.  Please understand. We just really need financial support. Tundra's progress can be monitored at this website  

Again send donations to: 
Carolina Mountain Naturalists
3150 N. Mills River Road
Mills River, NC 28759

On another note I reached out to an expert birder to spread the word about our fundraiser who criticized our painting.... it wasn't the exact habitat for this Snowy White Artic Owl.  And the owl we are painting wasn't a white snowy owl... the trees are not her habitat....etc etc..

So to be clear for all the Birders, this is for FUN. And to show that we know this and this is for non-painters and this is for a GOOD CAUSE, to help Tundra the owl... here is a painting of Tundra in her habitat... the Tundra.  Please do the right thing...spread the word and come out and support the bird.

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