Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner

Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner
Blue Ridge Smoky Mountains

Monday, August 24, 2015

Grandma Status is on the horizon

So finally at fifty-one, I succumbed to the old fart status of needing bifocals and wearing them! How humbling but as an avid reader, I'm lost without my eye sight.  I hope I can read til my last breath as I so depend on fulfillment of my thirst for knowledge.  And I want to learn so much more and time keeps slippin slippin slippin...into the future. One of the benefits of this future is having grandchildren, so imagine my pure delight of news that my son and his partner are blessing the family with a baby girl.  Our family has a 7:1 ratio of males:females so this is a great announcement. I always wanted a girl and was going to name her after my Grandmother's middle name. Grandma's name was Clara Anastasia Tomnoy (Maiden name) and Anastasia means Redeemer, a person who brings goodness, honor, etc., to something again. 
Christ was the best example of a redeemer thus earning the title of "THE" redeemer.  How great to bring back a status of goodness and honor that may have been taken.  My family was poor in wealth but rich in honor, so this glory of redemption is not taken lightly. I was so proud of my son for deciding to name his baby girl Anastasia Renee, as they did research on names and found another name that means redeemer Renee, Russian (Anastasia) and French (Renee).  What a powerful name, and I pray that she can live up to this worthy title. 

With technology I have already seen her profile and she hasn't even entered the world yet, I've heard her heart beat although I'm a thousand or so miles away... Each message just stops me in my tracks.  Its so powerful, I remember the first time I heard each of my son's hearts beating and felt the bubbles inside my skin as they moved.  Its a special time and parenthood is waiting around the corner. Its exciting and scary all at the same time.

I tried as a parent to make my kids life better than mine, not that mine was bad but it was a hard life of wants. As a result I feel I probably failed as my kids had too much and gained a sense of entitlement.  There is something to be said for encouragement to succeed vs financial gateways to success.  Those days are gone and now they have to fend for themselves as I encourage only.  There's no more reservoirs of money to use, they are dry now...And as I recall, this is exactly the same status my grandparents had.  So I'm content as I'll be here with a wealth of encouragement and arms to hug and hold...Oh how good it is to have the title and status of a grandparent!