Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner

Nothing Finer than Living in North Caroliner
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Monday, July 18, 2016

Good from Wood Not so Good! Buyer Beware!

 So I really had what I thought would be an idea for the ages.  Rather than buy a headboard, I wanted to design a headboard that would incorporate barn doors on the wall and still allow for a painting of a mural on the wall.  I did some research and found a website called  A couple in Indiana who totes themselves as Marty the wood expert and his wife Chelsea was the brains behind the organization. Many testimonials helped me overcome my fear to buy a product online from another state.

As with most new custom designs, there were many emails going back and forth as expected and we decided, albeit expensive, that $400 per door and $100 shipping.  TWO doors total $1000 and just made of pine, no windows, and no varnish, actually pretty high priced for a 40 x 80 door made of pine.  To my surprise when we picked it up from Fedex, we found they had only made and sent one! That one door was damaged.  Before I understood that there was only one door, we refused it because there was damage.  We didn't realize they had sent one as the double layer of pine looked like two doors from the unopened torn package.  So we put in a claim with Fedex for the balance of $1000.

Then to my surprise after finding out they only made one, they said, well you only paid for 1.  We had agreed that I would pay 50% before and after photos were taken and then I would pay the other $500.   This was a complete nightmare.  I started the negotiations in February, and now in July I finally have two doors and it was NOT by them! I had to hire a local guy to finish the second door and boy am I so glad I didn't finish with them. You can judge for yourself by the before and after photos how "professional" or "unprofessional "they are depending on your view.

My issues with them were many as follows:
1) They don't have any records and I lost so much time trying to locate emails luckily I had to prove that the issue and questions were already answered and addressed and not made note of and followed  through on.
2) They have not records, zilch, nada, nothing, they only work via paypal. One has to wonder...are they even claiming taxes and profits without any records? After this blog my next course of action is the Better Business Bureau.
3) They then tried to send me an invoice for the second door of $700.  They tried to gain more money than the original agreement! Again to which they had no record.

4) They said they shipped the door via Fedex and Fedex had tried to contact me. Goodfromwood  never told me it was shipped, so how  I was I to know to look for it. Fedex NEVER called me, so I had to again do all the work and request the fedex tracking number, then rented a van for $60 only to find when arriving that the door was damaged. This money was a total loss for me never to be recouped. We rejected the door and returned it for them to "fix"
5) Their emails were always nice but incompetent, I've blogged before about this issue.  Is Nice but incompetent really nice? NO! Its unprofessional.
6) This is a buyer beware, I would NOT endorse this company and in fact am warning you NOT to purchase from them.  There are NO records nor are they paying taxes on these cash transfers.  This is a federal crime.
7) We also agreed on a Z on the bottom with a Z backward on the adjacent door.  As you can see in the photos, it arrived with a V.  I even drew an illustration but THAT must have gotten lost too.

Here are the photos...judge for yourself.  DO NOT purchase barn doors from these people.  They were told I would blog about this, however failed to believe I would.  I do what I say and take my word seriously and keep very good records. Thank God I did as if I hadn't I'm not sure my local guy would have been able to match the original door. He not only did this, he made the original better! He torched the wood to age it like a real barn door and put the stain and color together to make it look as I had intended, he fixed the first door without pay and the second door was less than $500!  As he said, the door made by Good From Wood looked like it was made by a Kindergartner....I agree with the real professional.

And now when the plan comes together!!!!

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